Learning Environment update

4 important health & safety updates for the community: lost & found, pets on campus, fire drill and vendor testing.

Stolen? If you think something has been stolen, immediately report to our security at Post-1 at the visitor entrance for investigation. Lost & Found? If you found or lost an items on campus, please visit security post 1, at the visitor entrance. Lost & Found items will be kept for a maximum of 3 months for you to pick up. If items are not being picked up, then you may find it at for sale at the KemBali thrift store for sale.

Pets? Want to bring your dog or other pet to school, please carry your pet in your arm or keep the animal on a lease. We are working hard to minimize lose walking dogs around campus. If you cannot carry your pet or keep it on a lease, we ask you friendly to have your pet waiting outside of campus.

Fire Drill? Our fourth evacuation drill of this school year will be happening late next week. To prepare ourselves better for different scenario’s we test our alternative Emergency Assembly Area at the Green Camp field, near the Yoga Studio.

Evaluation? Swing by Friday, April 27, from 08:00 to 10:45 to test the beautiful new products from 5 different vendors. Give your feedback on an evaluation form to help the Green Procurement Reference Group make a stronger decision on who will provide food, beverages and learning opportunities to the community next year are our warung area.

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