Let Your Green Soulshine Was Magical. Thanks Everyone!

Dear Community,

What a magical event and fundraising evening that we are pleased to announce raised $10,000 for Bumi Sehat and Kul Kul Connection. LET YOUR GREEN SOUL SHINE was incredible. From chilled-out music during our first farmers market to Kul Kul Connection’s Flash Mob, the vibe went up and up and up to Supa Kalulu with the sounds of the marimba, and got us dancing, which Robbie Navicula gathered. Look to the Sun kept us all around powerful messages and melodies. Michael Franti ended the evening (a little late due to unexpected technical problems) with an unforgettable energy filled with so much love and generosity. He made us laugh, cry, dance, sing and hug… even with our little fellows.

What a successful 10-year anniversary launch! 


I want to say another very special thank you to all the teams that worked hard and contributed to make this event successful.

– Community relations team and especially Tya, my hero. Efficient and positive. I could not ask for a better assistant! Thank you also Gede, Alicia and Sophia for your help.

– Operations team: Pak Kadek Antara, Ibu Ana, Pak Nyoman etc… Efficient, patient, always finding solutions. Incredible team.

– Pauliina and Living Food Lab team who, super generously provided food and drinks to Michael Franti & staff.

– Security and Accounting teams – thank you for your efficient work.

– Comms team for doing a great promotional campaign, capturing every moment of the event – great support.Thank you

– Adrian for never giving up, looking for solutions until the last minute and making things happen! – so nice to work with you!

– All the new Interns who had just arrived at Green School and were embarked immediately in the adventure. Great team.

– Helen for jumping in at the last minute to the role of MC and doing it perfectly as always.

– KKC team and Rustaman: rehearsing with passion and determination every evening and be so well prepared. You guys are an inspiration!

– LSP parents for preparing the decorations. You are often staying in the background but you are contributing a lot.

And all the people I forget to name…

2 winning raffle tickets have not been picked up yet:

NUMBER 230 won 3rd prize – TRI bag – KKC t-shirt – KKF coconut sugar – Freal coffee voucher – TRI handkerchief – a pair of Indosole sandals

TICKET NUMBER 561 won the 5th prize. – BBPB bag – Earthbound t-shirt – Freak coffee voucher – KKF coconut sugar – TRI handkerchief – Ayo let’s go CD

If you are the lucky winner, please email sophie.rez@greenschool.org or come see Community Relations Team.

Next GS event: April 16 to 20: Sustainable Solutions and 10Year Anniversary big celebration. More details to come soon.. Save the dates.

Cheers, Sophie

Community Relations Manager

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