Literacy Course Choices – Block Three

This unit will focus on speaking, with learning outcomes focused on arguing points of view effectively and respectfully while mastering the art of persuasion.

 ‘The Bite of the Mango‘ with Ibu Kim. *Please note that this course deals with the difficult subject and content of child soldiers and is only open to grade 8 students or a grade 7 student with parent permission*. Students will discover how very personal stories are communicated through nonfiction texts. Students will use the power of writing and speaking to develop the ability to express their evolving opinions and to think of strategies for how they can implement change in the world.

‘Speak Up Poetry’ with Ibu Nicola. Poetry is a way to understand layers of meaning about our world and about ourselves. In this course students will read, write, recite, and listen to poetry from around the world, and analyse for appreciation. When we connect deeply with a piece of poetry it can help develop self awareness and an ability to express one’s feelings about important themes. This course asks students to connect to poetry, understand literary device, apply it to their own written poetic expression, to speak up, and present their pieces to their peers. 

‘To All the Deniers’ with Pak Sal.  Students will learn the debate strategies while researching the scientific evidence for Global Warming

Sirens and Rapscallions’ with Pak Zach. This class that works on memorizing and performing poems, raps and songs. We will work on a new piece each week, individual, pairs and groups.

‘I Have a dream’ with Pak Glenn. Students will look at great speeches by great speakers and learn what it is that makes them so persuasive. As a culmination, students will create a speech modeled after Dr. King’s famous speech that works to persuade the world to come together to realize their dreams for the world.


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