Literacy Course Offerings 29 February > 21 April


  1. Scientific Podcasts – Pak Sal. This unit will use Scientific Podcasts to broaden students understanding of ‘Fundamental Life Concepts’. Students will listen to a variety of podcasts, practice note-taking, engage in class discussions, and write summary documents about their new learning. Podcasts will range from topics on Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and MORE!!!

  2. Three Cups of Tea – Ibu Kim – Students will discover how written and verbal communication is used to share personal stories to encourage and empower people to take action. Students will use the power of listening and eventually also writing to develop the ability to express their evolving opinions and to think of strategies for how to implement change in the world.

  3. The World According to Anna – Climate Change – Ibu Nicola. Students will be read to by the teacher, Jostein Gaarder’s novel, The World According to Anna, pausing to grasp concepts and write their opinions on these ideas as a conscious process. Students will be thinking about long term GLOBAL solutions to this global issue.

  4. Pod casts ‘This is My Show’ – Pak Adam. Students listen to, write about and create their own podcasts each week with their final assessment being their very own Radio Show.

  5. Audio Books ‘Unto You We Listen’ – Pak Zach. This listening specialization course will challenge readers to listen to stories instead of read them! We will start with a few short stories and then move on to a novella. This class is for those of you who would like to tune your ears and minds into sharp listening tools. We will work on capturing vital information and picturing imagery and descriptions to make a film in our minds. Experience with audio books or people reading stories to you not necessary, but welcome. Developing a love for audio books opens you up to a huge source of primary input for your research and pleasure.

  6. Green Comic Book – Pak Paul. This class will involve scripting, editing, illustrating ,publishing and printing. (recycled material) Working with Pak Ignasious to help with illustrations and selling the final product donating the proceeds towards a worthwhile green cause of students choice.

  7. Bahasa Beginner – My Week. This Unit is for Indonesian Language Learners to learn about more complex structures to narrate recreational and daily activities in Indonesian. This unit covers vocabulary of Action Verbs, Hobbies, Time Indicators, Adjective to activities and Weather. They will also learn about the use of time sequence, negation, giving opinion, reasoning and showing ability using the word “bisa”. By the end of the unit, students will be able to describe a week of their life in Bali on a picture book.

  8. Bahasa Intermediate – Kalimantan. Students will learn about geography and history of Kalimantan, incredible way of life of the Dayak Tribe, Orang Utan and nature, Isen Mulang festival and Kalimantan traditional music. By the end of the unit, students are challenged to make a short video about Kalimantan in Indonesian.


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