March 9 2017 Issue

Hey guys, what do you feel when you play Marimba?

A recent snap-pole of the Tuesday Middle School marimba troop, fresh from banging-out some high energy and sweet sounding tunes, revealed the following responses……,

It really boosts your mood, it lifts you up (Julian)

It’s really, really fun! (Matthew)

Ibu Jan is a really good teacher (Annie)

It releases something deep down and it’s a good thing to do along with your friends – it’s really fun (Eamon)

You really put a lot of motion into it and it really gets you going (?)

I feel fun, excited, happy (?)

So the results are in. Marimba is many things, not the least of which is fun! By design and intent, joy is part of the program at Green School and Marimba is hitting all the right notes. If you wander the campus on any given Tuesday you will hear not only Marimba, but also pop music collaborations, Bamba Jam, Gamelan, singing and some cool beats coming straight out of the Heart of School. Right across the campus, every day of the week, we are playing on!

“If music be the food of love, play on.” (William Shakespeare)

Ibu Kate

W H A T ‘ S   O N

Friday March 10

ALL DAY | House Basketball Finals (see PE & Sport blog for details) 8.30-9.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 2.30pm | Assembly | Sangkep 2-50pm | Farmers Market 3.30-4.30pm | Basketball

Monday March 13 8.15am | Parent Yoga | Yoga Bale 8.30am | Jungle Run | Freak Coffee 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking

Tuesday March 14 8.15am | Parent Yoga | Yoga Bale 8.45am | Bio Bus tour to Seminyak 8:45-9:30am | The Absolutely Not Woo Woo Meditation Boot Camp | Upstairs Warung 9.30-10.30am | Zumba | Sangkep 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room

Wednesday March 15 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking 8:30 | Parent Workshop | Upstairs Warung 9am-2.30pm | Eco-Villages, Co-Housing and Bali | Student Village

Thursday March 16 8.15am | Parent Yoga | Yoga Bale 8:45-9:30am | The Absolutely Not Woo Woo Meditation Boot Camp | Upstairs Warung 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room

Friday March 17 All Day (Parents Teacher Conference) No School for Students

NOTE: events can change, so please check the noticeboard at school’s entry for updates throughout the week.


Events and Activities

Academic Calendar

March Lunch Menu

Did YOU complete your action item?

Thanks to all parents who completed the Intention to Continue request – you are the best! If you have not actioned this item, don’t worry, we love you too, but do need you to click HERE and share with us your plans for next year. It will only take a minute and even if you are unsure of your plans, we need to know. So please take a minute and tick this off your to-do list.

Primary 1A

AWESOME ASSEMBLY Another amazing weekly assembly with all the community coming together and performing. Last week was our Grade 1’s performances on bugs and insects – can you all say arthopod? (Just in case you were wondering, an arthropod has segmented bodies, jointed legs and exoskeletons). Have you signed the Bug Manifesto yet? If not, you can find it in the heart of school.


Sustainable Solution is Coming Up!

It is a gathering of solutions providers aiming to connect, inspire, educate and equip our community to live more sustainably NOW! It is a joyful event open to everyone integrating art, performances and community celebration. This Year’s Theme is borrowed from the Permaculture approach: THE PROBLEM IS THE SOLUTION

As we are in the process of organizing the event, we also would like to invite parents to submit a ‘Solution to Problem‘ presentation or pitch a ‘Problem to Solution‘ idea.

Please check event’s presentation here attached and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at

ECO-VILLAGES, CO-HOUSING AND BALI – What can we learn from around the world?

Ian Lillington has lived in communes in London and worked with and lived in housing co-operatives in Australia and the UK.

This workshop will explore the types of social, community and  legal structures. as well as the best ways to design and build for both eco and social success.

Ian has 30 years experience in eco-development, and has assisted the creation of eco-villages in Australia.  His background is in permaculture design and community development and he is in Bali to assist with the Green School Educators’ course [6-13 March]

At Student Village, on the15th of March

from 9:00 to 14:30

Includes lunch and snack

price: RP 350.000 per person

Donate Fabric To Support Eco-Libraries

Helping to create eco-libraries across Indonesia! Please donate any old fabrics or sarongs this Friday at the local Farmers Market for us to make some comfy cushions for the libraries. We are writing to you on behalf of Green Books. An organisation that has set up around 60 libraries all promoting eco literacy. We are part of a Jalan Jalan course supporting this, and we are starting by helping the libraries on Bali get their space set up. We are building shelvess, painting murals and making cushions. This is where you guys can come in! We will have a basket at the farmers market ready to collect any old fabrics or sarongs that you no longer use which we will turn into cushions for the libraries. Hope to see many materials piling up to help us support Green Books!

Celebrating Women’s Day

Middle school students and other members of the community gathered yesterday at the crystal to celebrate a more inclusive and gender equal world for International Women’s Day through a guided meditation and songs. We also launched the final footage from the V-Day One Billion Rising dance on the football field from Feb 14. If you haven’t yet seen this, be sure to watch it here and click ‘like’, comment and share with your community. Dance is power!

The Absolutely Not Woo Woo Meditation Boot Camp!

You know it’s good for you, but you can’t bring yourself to meditate.

Back by popular demand, Pak Zach brings another Mindfulness For Adults course focused on practical technique and discipline through group “sitting”:

  1. Two weeks of training techniques with guided “sittings” (March 13 – 24), come to one or more: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:45-9:30am

  2. Two weeks of trying on your own (Green School break March 27 – April 7)

  3. Two weeks of “sittings” offered EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY morning for collective discipline and group mind (April 10 – 21) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:45-9:30am Wed 9:45-10:30am


Here’s the gist:

This course targets those who seek more discipline to sit quietly or who do things better in groups. This is for anyone who wants to expand their meditation techniques with a non-metaphysical approach. Meditation can be a spiritual practice, however the goal here is to develop a daily practice of allowing the mind to decompress and consciously process to reduce stress, find more connectivity in relationships and heighten empathy.

As I put together Mindfulness and Life-Skills programs for kids, so many parents ask me if I am going to run more courses for adults. You’ve read articles, seen TED talks, and witnessed your friends or even family members transformed, but you still struggle to sit down and meditate daily or weekly even though you know it’s good for you.

Or maybe you tried it, but your thoughts rattle on and you can’t focus.  

No woo woo stuff taught here – I also hope to move association of meditation and mindfulness away from the supernatural and metaphysical. Meditation is a health practice.

You’ve read this far, so take the next step and join Meditation Boot Camp next week!

For more information and schedule please visit



Sustainably Slick

So Slick!

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again. We would like to tell you about some things that happened this week and give you some reminders.

  1. We had some teachers from the Green Educators Course visit us today. They just slid right into the grease.

  2. The LEAP peeps are still working on our amazing Bio Bikes, and are very busy.

  3. We will be presenting at the UN Hackathon. We’ll leave Green School at 1:15pm on the Bio Bus, and will arrive at Dojo in Canggu at 2pm to set up. Then we’ll present at 3 – 3:30pm. Our Soap making workshop will be at 3:30 – 4:30pm, and will leave at 4:30 back to GS.

Now come the reminders!

  1. We just want to remind you to please sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO. The link is: Petition Bio Bus

  2. Also, Please fill your diesel vehicle up at our pump station!

  3. Please make sure to check out our Farm Stand at the Friday’s Farmers Market. We have some greasy great stuff! There will also be an opportunity to sign our petition there.

Thank you for your support and stick with the slick!

Britt Koens with Andrea Mercer

Green Studies NEWS: Grade 2’s “Liquid Gold” Plant Juice now on sale at the farmer’s market and Grade 5’s Rain Water Catchment and Drip Irrigation system’s unveiling!!!

Exciting news from the world of Primary Green Studies this week.

Grade 2’s hard work has finally come to fruition.  Drop by our booth at the farmers’ market to pick up a bottle of Grade 2’s KKC Liquid Gold.

Kul Kul Connection

Last sunday a group of 37 KKC kids went to a trashwalk with John Hardy and Sampah Jujur Team. For the students, this wasn’t like the usual walk that they might have had before, not only the walk took place in Sayan instead of Sibang Kaja, it also took a longer time and longer route, they had to walk along dirt footpath, road, and even they had to walked across a river!  

After picked up a sack of trash along the way, the group continued to swim in the Bambu Indah natural pools and then ate some Bubur Bali. The students were very happy and they learned a lot from the philosophy behind Sampah Jujur initiative and John’s thought about packaged food & sustainable living.

GSPA FUNDRAISING – last chance to vote!

Voting forms have been sent to all parents & the winning item will be announced at the next GSPA Meeting Friday March 24th

March Bio Bus Tours

…….Join Ibu Leah, queen of the Bio Bus Tours for the Bali ride of your life!!


Tuesday March 21, Meet at Freak at 8.30am. Cost 300,000Rp.

Sanur is one of my favorite neighborhoods. We will be make a quick stop at an American style bakery, have coffee at my favorite locally owned chocolate shop. The filled chocolates are a steal, and made w half Balinese chocolate, and half West African chocolate. You will surely become a fan. I plan a stop at a quirky, off the mainstream museum, and to an old fashioned health food store whose prices rival the known stores. Lunch is planned at one of the many great value places Sanur is known for.

Back before pick up! Explore, relax, shop, make new friends and support GSPA and BioBus”.


Friday 24th March – Sangkep @ 8.30am

Followed by Class Ambassador Meeting

Agenda (so far)

  1. Fundraising Winner Announced

  2. Fundraising brainstorm – please bring suggestions

  3. Update from Ibu Leslie

  4. Gratitude Day preparation

  5. Class Ambassadors Meeting

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please email


Go to Green School Website

  1. Click on Parents (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17)


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