The Art of Balance. Exploring the Equalization and Mastering of Music. In this workshop, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer of Motiv Music, Ben Temple Step, will explore practical and applicable techniques in Equalizing and Mastering your own music. Using Izotope Ozone 7 software he will share tip and techniques to get your music translating across all the modern listening platforms, empowering you to mix with confidence and express your highest sonic potential, with your own gear at home. Techniques on using reference tracks to gain perspective, and practical approaches to use the 3 keys of mastering: Equalization/Dynamic Control and Widening to making your music sound as good as the way you imagined it to sound.

Benjamin Last Music Production Bio Producer, Musician, Sound Healer, Workshop Facilitator and Teacher, Benjamin Last has been producing music with over 24 years. Ben is a highly experienced Recording Engineer, Audio Editor, Electronic Music Programmer, Sound and Mastering Engineer. Facilitating music production has become his fine art and created in him a deep commitment to the medium of sound and music. Ben has come to the project with a depth of experience working artists such as Desert Dwellers, Deya Dova, Perquois, Murray Kyle, Darpan, Ganga Giri just to name a few. Ben’s intention as a music producer is facilitation – to allow the music to come forth from the artist with as little personal in-print as possible. “Serving the Song” and being transparent whilst grounding the project into form using modern audio technology. Perfecting the art of collaborating through deep listening, complex briefing and manifesting the clients intention through sound and music. Bringing music into form through modern production processors, grounded with structure, production planning, time lining, and financial budgets. Retaining a high levels of quality through out so that the intention of the musician may be purely received. Ben is extremely excited to be collaborating with you to be offering electronic music programming, of synthesisers, drums machines, and the sacred sound design of global sounds from the vast cultures of the globe.


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