May 4 2017 Issue

Dear Green School Community,

We thank you for being part of this journey. Click on the video to learn more.

W H A T’ S   O N

Friday May 5 8.30-9.30 | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 8.30-9.30am | GSPA Meeting | Sangkep 2-5pm | Farmers Market 2:30pm| Assembly | Sangkep 3.30-4.30 | Basket Ball | Gym

Monday May 8 8.15-9.30am | Parents Yoga | Yoga Bale 8.30-9.30am | Jungle Run | Meet at Freak Coffee 8.30-9.30am | Wild Fitness | Meet at Parking Lot 2.15pm | University College Dublin Visits | Upstair Warung

Tuesday May 9 8.15am | Intermediate Parent Yoga | Yoga Bale 8.45am | Bio bus tour | Meet at Freak Coffee 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room

Wednesday May 10 3.30-4.30pm | Zumba |HOS

Thursday May 11 NO SCHOOL DAY – PUBLIC HOLIDAY Waisak Day Buddha’s Anniversary

Friday May 12 8.30-9.30 | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 2.30| Assembly |Sangkep 3.30-4.30 | Basketball | Gym

NOTE: events can change, so please check the noticeboard at school’s entry for updates throughout the week. 


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SCHOOL EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS: 0361469875 or 08113809298.

F R O M    O U R    L E A R N I N G    E N V I R O N M E N T

Parent Survey – Have Your Voice Heard

Green School Parents WE NEED YOUR HELP! Green School is an ever evolving, dynamic, and joyful place of learning for all of us. In order to hold true to this statement and to continue our journey here, which is dedicated to constant improvement, we would be deeply grateful for your time to complete this survey. The results are poured over by the management team in detail and growth plans will be developed to honor the lessons that we learn from your input. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us on this journey.

Please fill out the survey here.

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T

Help Us Build An Innovation Hub & Win Prizes Along the Way

Well we are on our way to success! Thanks to your help, the campaign has raised $36,000 USD so far since launching 2 weeks ago and has attracted lots of new supporters to our cause.

Green School just won the 2nd weekly challenge of a $3,000 bonus grant towards our campaign as one of the top 3 organizations to raise money last week.

We want to win again this week, so please help us!

For this week’s challenge, the organization that raises a further $1,000 online by Tuesday 9 May will be entered to win a bonus grant of $5,000.

We have set up a series of amazing prizes which you have a chance to win each week.

Anyone in the Green School community who donates to the campaign is automatically entered into a raffle draw. This week’s prize is a one year membership at HUBUD! The winner will be announced in Friday’s assembly.

To be in the running for next week’s prize:

Donate to the campaign, or set up your own page as a fundraiser and get your friends and family to join the game to be automatically entered to win a 7 course meal for two people, lunch or dinner at BLANCO par Mandif restaurant in Ubud. The winner will be announced at next week’s assembly on Friday 12 May.

Join our campaign and activate a new generation of green leaders:

University College Dublin visits Green School Monday, May 8

Parents and high school students are invited to join an information session with University College Dublin on Monday, May 8.

University College Dublin

Ms. Geetha Arumugam Recruitment Coordinator, UCD International Monday, May 8, 2:15 p.m. Top floor of Green Warung

Workshop – Syntropic Farming

Next week at Student Village a one and only opportunity to learn more about Syntropic Farming, a sustainable way to grow food that is attracting more and more followers around the world.

Syntropic Farming is an answer to many of mankind’s urgent questions. By learning from and translating nature’s processes and ecosystem dynamics to farming, it results in an independence from external inputs (including irrigation), the growth of healthy soil, carbon sequestration and a regeneration of ecosystems.

Syntropic Farming is about creating diverse, rich and resilient ecosystems that are productive and economically viable

A R O U N D   C A M P U S

What A Week for High School

It was an epic week in High School last week. We had dozens of students on campus creating a beautiful mural of Green School, constructing a 30 meter + water tower and engaging in a number of activities with primary and early years students.

Meanwhile, our very own original adaptation of the great epic, The Ramayana loaded into our Bio Buses and headed east into Java to perform 3 times to wide acclaim, while also finding the time to summit Bromo, plant some trees, and spread the news about bio fuel.


F R O M   O U R   C O M M U N I T Y

From Kul Kul Connection

Happy National Education Day!

On last Tuesday, Indonesia commemorated the national education day, it was initiated in remembrance of Ki Hajar Dewantara, a national hero and lifelong educator who pioneered education system in Indonesia. Ki Hadjar Dewantara has coined a famous proverb on describing his ideals for education. Rendered in Javanese, the maxim reads: Ing ngarso sung tulodo, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani. Which translates: “(for those) in front should set an example, (for those) in the middle should be raise the spirit, and (for those) behind should give encouragement”.

Today, 128 years after Ki Hajar Dewantara was born, we gratefully inherited his spirit in educating Indonesia future generation by bringing 350 local students into our school to experience the Green School way of learning to become green future leaders.

P E   &   S P O R T




At the next GSPA Meeting on Friday 5th May we will hear nominations for the 2017-18 GSPA . So last chance to throw your hat in the ring…..

Please register your interest by email to: if you would like to:

1. Nominate yourself, or a team, to lead the 2017-18 GSPA


2.  You would like to be involved and join a team (please indicate what skills you feel you could bring and/or what areas interest you most).

(Please see GSPA Roles & Responsibilities below)

All Nominees will be asked to present their ideas as to how they would serve in the position at the next GSPA Meeting Friday 5th May

Looking forward to seeing you then!

(Please see GSPA Roles & Responsibilities below)

All Nominees will be asked to present their ideas as to how they would serve in the position at the next GSPA Meeting Friday 5th May

Looking forward to seeing you then!


  1. Lead Monthly GSPA Meetings

  2. Board Member – liaison between Board & parents

  3. Lead Class Ambassador Program – Liaison to Teachers – Transitioning New Families – Community, Communication & Parent Participation

  4. Fundraising & Events – Lead Annual fundraising Event – Lead GSPA Bar TeamCo-ordinate Yoga – Co-ordinate Parent Education

  5. Communications – Newsletter – Facebook pages (New Families FB page, GSPA FB page) – Assist School Events (Bamboopalooza, Sustainable Solutions, etc)

NEXT GSPA MEETING Friday 5th May – Sangkep @ 8.30-9.30am


  1. Updates from Leslie, Glenn Kate

  2. GSPA Nominations: 2017-18 Team

  3. Class Ambassadors Meeting

            New Class Ambassadors

            Gratitude Day preparation

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please email

GS WEBSITE PARENTS PAGE Go to Green School Website Click on Parents (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17)

GSPA FACEBOOK PAGE Parents Association FB Group


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