May Update

Busy, busy days in 3A as the year winds down. Here’s a quick recap of what has been going on and what’s to come in our final days together:


Our ‘I Design’ thematic unit has proven to be highly engaging, interesting, and well, just down right fun! From all of our real life designer visits- Kurt, the mechanical engineer and architect; Katrina, the interior designer; Evan, the crystal lightening designer; Annette the children’s space designer; Yohonn, the backpack designer; and last but not certainly least Alexandra, the jewelry designer. Phew! Students and teachers alike were blown away with the treasure trove of inspiration, knowledge, and expertise these very talented parents shared with us! In conjunction with the designer visits, the children learned about the design process and prepared their very own designs based on a problem they identified in their life, with a focus on sustainability. Currently, the children are finishing up their models of their designs and we have everything from a car seat cover to prevent burnt bums, to an art belt that carries all the supplies an artist needs, to a bird watering irrigation system, to a small dog transporter… It has been an absolute pleasure to witness the ideas unravel, the collaboration and problem solving between students, the bursts of creativity, perseverance, attention to detail, critical thinking…it has been a rich few weeks where light has been shed on your children’s personalities and individual gifts. You are welcome to come pop down into our classroom anytime before or after school to check out these unique, designs YOUR children have come up with!

In addition to the host of designers who paid us visits, we were lucky enough to take a field trip to a real life designer’s workshop. Baxter, an architect with a specialization in 3D printing, in collaboration with John Hardy, is doing incredibly innovative things with plastic bottle tops and 3D printers. We had the luxury of experiencing the entire cause and effect experience of waste from doing on a trash walk around Bambu Indah, to understanding where the trash goes and how it financially supports local Balinese, to the creation process of various items from the various interesting machines Baxter has in his workshop. What a cool, fascinating and FUN trip we had!


Recently, the children celebrated their published, fiction stories, tremendous labors of love and time with a morning tea party. Since then, we have shifted gears to all things non-fiction in both reading and writing. The children are learning how good readers approach reading nonfiction differently than fiction and attuning to the various text features of this genre. In writing, the children are in the midst of working on a persuasive essay related to their design in thematics, attempting to persuade the reader to buy his/her product. Stay tuned for your child’s thirty second elevator pitch! : )


After spending a substantial amount of time with the concepts of multiplication and division, we have dipped into area and perimeter, and now currently fractions. Please please please continue to practice with your child at home his/her multiplication times table facts, especially into the summer holidays. It is important that your child soon reach a point of ease in fluently recalling all times tables from 1-12 as this will only support your child’s continued math development into more complex concepts and problems.


In Bahasa Indonesia class, students have been learning about public places. They have learned rumah sakit (hospital), pom bensin (gas station), taman lota (city park), pasar (market), kantor pos (post office), bandara (airport), and kebun binatang (zoo). The students are also now starting to use the sentence pattern, “Saya kamu/dia melihat…di pom bensin” (He saw…in the gas station). In Indonesian culture, students have learned facts about the Sumatera island related to the food, geography, homes, and nature.

Oh, and the children finally met their Kul Kul Connection Pen Pals. It was a special meeting in Art! Ask your child to tell you more!

That’s all for now. See you at the picnic!

For your children,

Jenny and Yulie

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