Medieval Banquet in the Alhambra Palace

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This next week will be the start of a new thematic unit for Middle School.  While 8th graders will be beginning their Quest projects, the 6th and 7th graders will be going back in time.  We are going to study the time period that some scholars call the Islamic Golden Age.  While Europe was mostly in the Dark Ages, great advances in medicine, mathematics, and many other fields were being made all across the globe.  As the Muslim Empire expanded, it provided a common language and trade routes for ideas and inventions to travel from China to Spain.

We will become the travelers and thinkers of this age, as we learn.  Each student (and teacher!) will take on the role of a character from this time.  As we go through the weeks, studying the art, music, inventions, and philosophies, we will learn how our character fit into and contributed to this very important time in history.  The end of the thematic will see a great Banquet, hosted in the Alhambra palace, where the characters will convene, and showcase their projects and learning to the Green School Community.  Stay tuned for more details about our Medieval Banquet in the Alhambra Palace.


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