Meet our New Intern and Volunteer Community!

“There is a word called metanoia. It is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.  In two week’s time, we’ve grown into a lifestyle where our days are occupied at The Green School and pouring ourselves into our work – some of us in the classroom, some of us behind the scenes, and all of us trying to reciprocate the energy  that we receive every day from this new and buzzing community.  But we come home to each other, too, and put just as much energy into building an environment, a home, that is comfortable and functional and sustainable all at the same time.”

These are the first words written by our new group of Interns and Volunteers posted on their newly created  Blog. Next to the 5 interns and volunteers (who stay in our community for another semester) a group of 12 new people arrived two weeks ago in the Bamboo Village to join and support our Green School community. They come from every corner of the world: South-Africa, Turkey, USA, Netherlands, Brazil, Indonesia , Mexico, UK, Spain. This diverse group all come with their own special set of interests and skills. By sharing with the community, they are helping to imagine the possibilities of what can be and shape the future of education. The love, passion and dedication that interns and volunteers contribute to Green School make it the ground-breaking place of education that it is.

All new interns and volunteers (Magang in Bahasa Indonesia) who just arrived stay in the Bamboo Village on the other side of the beautiful Green School Bridge. They share the village with the students from the Boarding House and live in different Bamboo houses. In the Bamboo Village the community works towards developing a creative attitude. That means focusing your live on what we want to see manifest, without utilising external circumstances as an excuse for inaction or for permanent reaction. The community tries to live a sustainable life and as the Interns & Volunteers are working and participating within the Green School, each person is gaining tools and knowledge to live a sustainable lifestyle not only for themselves and our community but ideally for the world. Step by step they learn how to become conscious human beings who are able to make change. We set up four different committees: environmental, well-being, activity and communication. The committees get together to exchange ideas and actively work on making these ideas happen.

An impression of one of the houses in our Bamboo Village

The first days the interns and volunteers arrived were set up to get to know each other and the new house and area where they are staying for half a year (Magang House). The days after it was settling in and trying to drive a scooter for the first time and making a little trip to the Ubud and eating local food in the Warung. The second week they started working at the Green School in all different departments in the school. It is a central goal of our intern program to provide opportunities for learning and sharing for all members of the local and international community so the first days were mainly focussed on getting to know the community and connecting to the mentors. Interns and volunteers support our community and in return they gain valuable experience and learn job-related skills and the importance and impact of communication, teamwork, and working styles and personalities in different cultures.

We hope you can all support them in their journey and you’ll definitely meet them all in the next months. They are a very positive group of people.

Our Profile

Do you want to read more about the experiences from our Intern and Volunteer Community? Check their Blog and get to know them by reading the Volunteer-Interns Profile.

And we are now recruiting for International and Indonesian Volunteers for August-December 2016, so please spread the word and share this link.

Terima kasih banyak!

Ibu Sanne

Teacher Development and Well-being Manager

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