Middle School Arts Electives Round Two

We are pleased to announce the next round of Arts Electives beginning October 19th, after the break. Please discuss with your children to be sure you both feel good about their selection. Students will be choosing during the week of September 21.

Drama– Film making and theater.

Practical Arts – Bicycle maintenance

Green Studies– What’s in a smoothie?- herbal medicine, nutrition, health

Visual Arts – ‘Keeping it gritty’… Street art and stencil art.

Indonesian Culture- “The Beauty of Galungan”. We will be learning the art of making penjor, gebogan and some other Balinese offerings.

Visual Arts – Character drawing and portraits.

Music – Music education through Bahasa Indonesian. Students will learn specific musical terminology, names of instruments, songs and appropriate teaching language all in Bahasa Indonesia.

Music – Keyboards/Piano


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