Middle School Challenge Week; 14-17 December

We are excited for the year’s first challenge week December 14-17.  Students will engage in a project/activity all day each of the four days, giving them an opportunity to dive in deep and focus.  We will select on Friday, 4 December. Please note that Pak Adam’s Jasri trip is reserved for the students who have been working with him during this current Jalan Jalan course.

All courses will meet at Green School for our normal 8:15 start time and report to mentor groups for attendance and announcements. Students will be dismissed at 3:15 each day.

Banjar Saren People’s Profiles; Community Exploration. Ibu Kim This challenge is all about engaging across cultures; meeting your ‘neighbors’ and making connections. Students will be reporters on a mission to capture cool Banjar Saren stories and images (taking photo’s, by making videos, writing blogs) and share those with the whole GS community in the assembly.

The ‘Mastery Club’ Novel > Play.  Ibu Nicola Have you ever wanted to learn how to use the power of your mind to create your own life? Have you ever wanted to learn how to adapt a novel into a play? Well, this Challenge Week, why not combine both? Create a brilliant, witty, informative play out of the book, The Mastery Club. Be part of the group either acting, designing, or directing, to bring this play to life on the Green School stage!

Creative Cartooning and Design. Pak Driver Students will be challenged in their artistic, cartoon drawing, and graphic design abilities.  How can we use our creativity to make cool, colorful, cartoony materials to use in education?

We will illustrate and create a board game, where players take on the role of activists against the spread of pollution.  Also, students will be drawing and perfecting visual aides for Kul Kul Connection language lessons.  We may even have time to illustrate some matching games for elementary classes.

We will be working primarily with Inktense Watercolor Pencils and artist-quality brush pens in order to produce vibrant, professional looking cartoon drawings.  We will scan originals works to create digital versions of our drawings.  From there, we will use programs to manipulate our drawings and produce our educational materials.

This will be an action-packed experience in drawing and illustrating.  Our high-quality art work will be used to make education more colorful, creative, and enjoyable. 

Plant Signs. Ibu Dian Green School is surrounded by and immersed among many beautiful plants. In this Challenge, students will have a chance to explore the plants around Green School, research the characteristics of each plant and then share what they have learned while creating signs to name  the plants in three different languages. We’ll use bamboo and recycle materials from Kembali.

Recycle and Upcycle Frog Market Project. Pak Sal Students will be setting up a clothing label and marketing plan for a one-week entrepreneur project. Students will be buying second-hand clothes from the Frog Market in Tabanan (within a set budget) – concentrating on one clothing/apparel line. They will then modify their purchases, advertise and market their goods, and promote a Sale. The sale will be held on the last day of school this term – all profits will go towards the school’s fundraising efforts with the Kalimantan Fires.–

Circus Arts – Pak Baptiste (Please note that there is an extra charge of 1,000,000 IDR per student for this course) If your dream is to live under a circus marquee, if you want to improve your balance, juggling and acrobatic this challenge is for you !! We are going to design and build circus materials made with bamboo and things from recycle. then, practicing aerial silk and juggling.

Hula Hoop Dance. Ibu Ida We will be learning and exploring some hoop tricks and put them all together into a dance. We will choose a song to dance to for a performance.

Film Making Challenge.  Pak Johnny In this challenge, students will work as cast and crew of a film production company to complete a short film in record time. We will collaborate as actors, camera operators, and editors expanding our knowledge of film making techniques, camera angles, visual story-telling and acting skills while exploring the social/emotional themes of interdependence and independence, tolerance, sensitivity and forgiveness.

Pak Adam’s Jasri Trip: Pak Adam’s Challenge week December 2015 adventure will be an introduction to Middle School outreach involving visiting orphanages and imparting acquired knowledge learned during Jalan  Jalan and Arts Rotation of the same term. This 4 day trip involves a group of Middle School students visiting the orphanage in Jasri (East Bali) and assisting them with English, Music and Permaculture education. The idea is cultural exchange and lifestyle choices based around health and holistic approach. This trip is for students that have been in Pak Adam’s current Jalan Jalan course.

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