Middle School – Jalan Jalan Selections – Round Two

We are pleased to announce the next round of Jalan Jalan Electives, which is packed with great choices and will begin October 21, after the break. Please discuss with your children to be sure you both feel good about their selection. Students will be choosing during the week of September 21.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags We will continue our mission to support this student-let campaign to make Bali plastic bag-free.

Green School Dive Club**Please note that there is an extra charge of $390 US for this activity and arrive at school at 7am** We will be doing the Project AWARE reef monitoring program and cleaning up the Sanur reef with out friends at Crystal Divers.

Yusaka SumbaYasuka Sumba is a Non Profit Organisation educating and empowering communities in Sumba for a better tomorrow. In particular we will be working with an orphanage to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. We will be teaching them: – Permaculture Gardening – English Language skills – Music (instrumentation, singing, ensemble-based performance and composition) –  Introductory hospitality skills

YPK Each student will be paired up with a YPK student. They will be helping them with ideas on life skills that can help them live independently. They will help find a mentor (if needed) and help train them so they can produce something to sell. If they already have the skills, they can also help them market their products.

Beginner Surfing – This course if for beginners only and will include an extra charge of IDR 400,000per lesson for board rental and instructor fees. Students will need to arrive at school at 7am

Film making with GoPro Our friends at GO Pro will be donating cameras for our students to create a documentary film focused on our local scholars and Green School’s connection to our local community.

Intro to Architecture Learn the basics of computer architecture design while designing your sustainable dream house.

Electronic Music/Instrument Making In this class, we will build musical instruments: strings, reeds, and percussion and play them.  We will explore the relationships that make “noise” into “music.”  We will also record and edit our efforts using (DAWs) digital audio workstations.

Indonesian Cooking In this Jalan-jalan, students will be able to learn how to cook Indonesian Food from Ibu Kadek and GS Kitchen staff, as well as experience serving lunch and helping staff for cleaning up the lunch plate and food.

Bali Wise The Bali Women’s Skills Education assists over 150 women each year to develop skills that allow access to improved employment options. Students will support these women by helping to teach basic English language skills through both informal conversation and direct instruction, and at the same time learn about the narratives of disadvantaged, at risk young women in Bali. These courses will take place in Sanur.

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