Middle School: This Semester has been more Social-emotional Time

Building on a great year last year, Middle School this past semester brought in more social-emotional time. We evolved mentor groups to encourage more intimate connections across grades and integrated our literacy frame to create more dynamic topics such as cell-to-cell, a science-themed unit that also worked toward English learning outcomes.  We also celebrated an amazing thematic unit that culminated in a Medieval Banquet thanks to the help of parent Audrey Shabbas.

In semester two, we will further improve on the afternoon mentor time by introducing additional social-emotional learning topics with Pak Glenn and Pak Josh in order to quickly address issues that arise.  Grade 8 will finish the new and improved Quest project, create an original play focused on palm oil, and implement a dynamic thematic unit on land management and utopia / dystopia.  Middle School maths will continue to improve through further professional and programme development time. Also, to enhance science and global awareness, we are going to introduce a new rotation in our thematic units. Six week units will focus on an environmental science aspect of our topic for three weeks and focus on social science aspect for three weeks. 

–Pak Glenn, Head of Middle School

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