Minggu ini dengan Pak Sal

Hi Team

Our second last week of the Term was another amazing time in Middle School. There is always so much going on at Green School – it doesn’t feel normal if there’s a week where there’s no event or special occasion.

Last week Mentor teachers emailed Student Reports for Block 4 to parents. We encourage parents to read these reports carefully and contact me with any feedback you have.

In Literacy this week, my students further developed their listening skills by completing exercises based on Science Podcasts. One of these podcasts was about why mosquitoes prefer some people over others – this activity allowed the students to do extra research and write summaries that added depth to the topic. On Thursday, we listened to a very informative, and sometimes very complex, podcast on Black Holes. Some of the other podcasts of interest this week were: How do we store energy from solar and wind sources, Why do we grow nose hairs when we get older, Could you stop a tornado using a rocket.

In Mathematics we celebrated Pi Day on Monday – and, accordingly, in the Measurement unit, we concentrated on the Circle (in particular, Circumference and Area) for three lessons. On Friday we watched a cool movie about a young mathematical genius.

In the Coconut Thematic, we spent a few lessons on Experimental Design and the Scientific Method. One activity we completed was looking at a real-life science report about the health benefits of drinking coconut water – students were encouraged to think critically about this study and provide suggested improvements. Students were also given the opportunity to design a hypothetical experiment to answer the question of whether drinking coconut water was better for your health than drinking plain water. Our other lessons were spent in the student kitchen making coconut oil from mature coconuts – yeah, real science (in a kitchen)!

I hope you have a great week. Email me any concerns or questions.

Kind Regards

Pak Sal


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