Mini Quest’s Mission to Build Roof for Earthquake-effected Families

A group of four 8th grade students and 1 KKC student have taken on an ambitious and heartful project this year for their Mini Quest.  With the support of Sweania Betzebadelisa – a Green School graduate 3 years ago – these students hope to help bring some love and light to the lives of two families in East Bali.  After visiting Nyoman and his family and 90 years old Terna in Karangasem Tuesday, the students have set two achievable goals to support these people in need.

Their first goal is to raise enough money to help Nyoman buy roofing materials to fix his damaged and leaky roof – which happened as a result of the earthquakes earlier this year.  The second goal is to rally some volunteers from the community to join them in East Bali on Saturday, December 15 or Sunday, December 16 to help clean up, spruce up, and fix up Terna’s home.

Please consider sharing some of your love and kindness this holiday season and join our 8th graders in their Adopt A Family Mini Quest Project. For more details see our booth on Friday at the farmers market or email Ibu Kiley @


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