Monday Morning Update 13/04/20

Middle School Update 12/04

Dear Lovely MS Parents,

Since the official decision by the Indonesian government to close school until at least the end of May, we have had to let this ‘new version of normal’ sink in. It takes time to allow this to happen. It takes courage to accept this and to observe what it actually means for you personally, for your children, and for you as a family.

It was so good to check in with so many parents on Thursday for the Coffee Talks - it really made me reflect on the community we have at Green School - the closeness, the supportiveness, the positivity, and the ‘can do it’ attitude that we hold together. We can do this. We can do this together. I feel so grateful to have a team of dynamic, ‘can do’ educators making this happen for our students, and I know, that even though our students feel overwhelmed, and that they miss their physical experience at GS, they are showing up, and they are doing this, as the incredible MS community that we are.

I will also continue to host Coffee Talks with Ibu Esther on Tuesdays at 9.30am and 3.30pm Please do come along each week. See Green School Essentials calendar for link.

In the Coffee Talks I said I would go through a few things, so here they are…

Daily check in for parents: All you need to do is to go to the Green School Everywhere website, Middle School Page each morning. My announcements will be posted by 8am each day (Bali time). All information that you need should be in this spot. Weekly Summaries are also posted there. A Q and A Doc is also here which will be responded to each day - to reduce the amount of emails

How to help your children:

  1. Ask your student to use their REAL name on Zoom (if they use your device, please write eg: Carla’s (X’s mum)

  2. Cocoon each day will help with organisation

  3. Go to the Green School Everywhere website and look at the posts from PE/Green Studies/ Social Emotional (post days below)

  4. Check their Google Classrooms with them on the posting days (post days below)

  5. Help them to make a schedule ON PAPER that they can hang on a wall with the posting days, online session times, feedback times, and times they can work on each subject.

  6. Remind them to fill in their LOG BOOKS for PE/Green Studies/Jalan Jalan - this stays in their Cocoon Classroom. Students add to it each week.


Monday, April 13th

  • PE, Science, Literacy, Math Post

  • Cocoon @ 8:15 & 3:15

  • Tuesday, April 14th

  • Green Studies, Thematics, Art, & Language Post

  • Jalan Jalan Check In

  • Cocoon @ 8:15 & 3:15

  • Wednesday, April 8th

  • Cocoon @ 8:15 & 3:15

  • Screen Free Day

  • Thursday, April 16thth

  • PE, Science, Literacy, Math Post

  • Cocoon @ 8:15 & 3:15

  • Friday, April 17th

  • Green Studies, Thematics, Art, & Language Post

A few updates/reminders:

  • Live synchronous learning sessions now use the Zoom platform and students will be receiving invitations for meet ups from their teachers on google classroms.

  • Coffee Talks with Nicola and Esther are scheduled for Tuesday, 9.30am and 3:30pm. The latter will have a focus on graduation and Greenstones.

  • Weekly Summaries for each class will be posted each week to Green School Everywhere website Password: GSimpact2020.

  • For Jalan Jalan, students will meet with their teachers on Tuesdays to go through the goals for their Jalan Jalan project. Wednesdays will remain Jalan Jalan days and we encourage students to observe Wednesdays as off-screen days.they should be entirely OFF-LINE. Here is the Guide for Jalan Jalan.

  • We will have an MS Assembly this Friday at 2.30pm for students.

A few updates to questions/concerns that have come up this week:

  • Technical issues- This will happen. We are all getting used to this. Glitches will happen, and for you still in Bali, the internet may not happen. Take a deep breath. It’ll be ok. If you can’t get onto a Zoom meeting, or suddenly the internet drops out, it’ll be ok. Reach out to the teacher via email. Some students said they were dropped from a call and not let back in. We are making sure we watch for this. PLEASE make sure your child uses their real name on calls. They won’t be let in with a fake name.

  • Community Time- Because these community time offerings are being hosted by teachers and parents on their own time, and due to time zone issues, we can only offer Community Time once a week. These sessions are bonus sessions for students. They are not required, but we do strongly recommend that students take part in these offerings. In a few sessions the statement “I’m bored being at home all the time” was mentioned. So here’s a 40 minute opportunity to keep busy and healthy.

  • Phones- Green School encourages students and families to observe our ‘no phone policy’ during class and study time. However, this is something we can’t control. We do feel parents should do their best to limit phone time during the school day and you should feel empowered to speak on behalf of the school when it comes to phone usage.

  • Parent Questions/Concerns - Here is a doc for parents to write their questions/concerns and we will get back to you all as a group. This way we look to limit the one-to-one emails that all may be addressing the same question.

We are here to support your students and yourselves. Please reach out for any help should you or your child need it. Ibu Sanna has been doing a beautiful job helping students manage their time and schedules. Please let us know if your child needs this. Pak Quim has been continuing to support students social/emotionally and is offering one-to-one counselling. Ibu Esther has been the mastermind behind all the logistics and is here to help with these questions. I am here for everything else. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

With love and gratitude,

Ibu Nicola and the MS Team.

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