Mount Agung Update 10 – November 28

Dear Green School Community,

What a bonding experience this journey with our dear Mount Agung is shaping up to be!

After the increased activity noted this afternoon, Mt. Agung has quieted significantly. The impact of that activity is a current topic of discussion and theorizing online, but there is never certainty in volcano science. We are following those discussions closely and checking those predictions with our sources. Therefore, we will have school open tomorrow as per normal, but we are monitoring very closely. We will send a quick update in the morning too after reviewing activities through the evening and early morning.

We have a decision making committee that discusses and decides questions about school opening, special considerations, and closing. This committee is the Green School Executive Committee in consultation with the Board of Management. This Committee uses input from a much wider representative group on campus called the Emergency Response Team. This decision making team continuously collects input from experts on the ground as well.

Our team always begin with this perspective: the likelihood that an eruption will directly impact school is extremely small; we are far outside of the impact zone. The likelihood that a significant ashfall will fall on the school is also very small. And the likelihood that we will have ample time to respond and travel to and from school is very high. We also consider the short and long term view given the possibility that this could be our new normal and continue on for some time.

As a precaution, we have cancelled BSSA and field trip activities for this week. I am also informing here that we are also canceling After School Activities for this week as well. Please make arrangements to pick your child up directly at 3.15pm this week through our normal procedures unless notified otherwise. Note, this week has two more days (Wednesday and Thursday) and there is a No School Day on Friday.

I know one of the main concerns has been ashfall, which we monitor closely. We have not seen ashfall or accumulation at Green School this week. It would be a good time to read this message from the US Government’s Source on volcanoes with regard to this issue as it helps with understanding and planning.

If your family has decided to make alternative arrangements for this week in terms of not attending school, we understand, but please let your Deputy Head of School know. Here are their details again:

Ibu Russlee ( for Early Years, Ibu Nicki ( for Primary School, Pak Sal ( for Middle School or Pak Josh ( for High School.

Again, please pack well and keep your phones on.

Yours in safety and sending hugs,

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning

Wayan Carma, Head of Learning Environment

Kate Druhan, Chair, Green School Board of Management

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