Mount Agung Update 2 – September 22

As Emailed on September 22, 2017

Dear Green School Community,

As promised in my last email, I am sending here an update on what we are planning and understand with regard to Mt. Agung’s status and the school’s procedures and actions. Mt. Agung’s status has not changed from our previous email. There is not an imminent eruption predicted, but we want to send this message to err on the cautious side and work together to provide information that could help us prepare our community. The difference between now and my previous email is that there has been an increase in seismic activity in the region, which can impact the status in the future.

The National Disaster Agency of Indonesia (BNBP) has a scale to measure levels of threats for volcanoes. Currently we are still at Level 3 as per on our last email. This scale has 4 levels total. These levels indicate the following:

  1. Level 1: Normal

  2. Level 2: Alert

  3. Level 3: High Alert. This level means make preparations to evacuate if you are in the high risk areas (in this case 15km from the volcano in all directions) and make other preparations in general. People who live very close to the crater usually evacuate at the level.

  4. High Level — Level 4: Imminent. This level means evacuate out of the full range of the danger zones, more than 15 km at minimum away. Note: moving to this level can still mean that an eruption is days or weeks away.

Risk Assessment For Green School Camps (Middle and High School)

All Green School planned camps in Middle School and High School are currently 20k or more away from Mt. Agung. An exception was grade 8’s camp, which was planned for the East Bali Immersion in Gianyar, Karangasem regency in east Bali. Today we made the decision that the grade 8 camp will be postponed to another time in the year to be determined.

We are conducting ongoing risk assessments, with another risk assessment decision meeting regarding the camps scheduled for first thing Monday morning. We are very willing, and as it stands, likely to postpone some of the camps that are within the 20-40km range. If there is an eruption which causes significant disruptions to services or roadways, we will postpone all camps. Please know, we will be sure to give the students the amazing camp experience they expected at some point in the year if we cannot do it now.

School Cancellation Probability and Details

In the event of an eruption, there is a high probability that school will be cancelled for at least 1-2 days while the full extent of the concern and impact area is assessed. You will be advised of this scenario via email and sms blast. Please monitor your email and phones. In the unlikely, event where both of these forms of communication are not working, then that fact will be the signal to keep your children with you.

In the event that there is an eruption during the school day, again, you will receive both an email and SMS blast with details about where and when and how to pick up your children. In general, we will follow these guidelines:

  1. All students will be gathered in the gym where attendance is verified

  2. Parents will be notified to pick up their children as quickly as possible

  3. Please calmly follow all regular pick up procedures but from the gym as a base

  4. Please DO NOT stop your car on the Green School main road and follow all of our security personnels instructions

  5. Please do not linger at school; collect your child/ren and return home

  6. If you choose to carpool or send one driver for multiple children, please communicate this with your class teachers, and we will coordinate through them. Please also send a text message to our Green School emergency mobile number at 0811 3809298. Please do not call this number unless it is an emergency. Text is best!

  7. In a scenario where an appropriate pick up arrangement is not clear or well communicated, we will keep the child with the Head of Learning and the Heads of the Schools who will stay with the children until we can get them safely home.

  8. The Bio Busses will leave immediately once all ticketed passengers are aboard

The attached document provides helpful information on preparation, Mt. Agung details, websites for more details, and flying recommendations.

Yours in safety,

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning (Principal),

Wayan Carma, Head of Learning Environment &

Kate Druhan, Chair of the Board of Management


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