Mount Agung Update 4 – September 26

Dear Green School Community,

Yesterday and this morning was a another day of learning and joy and despite Mt Agung rumbling in the distance, our community remains alert yet calm. Although there has been no change in the status with Mt Agung since our last update, please take a moment to read some important details on our School procedures and the actions that we are asking all parents to take.

Current Situation

At present, the status of Mt Agung remains at Level 4 – Imminent. This situation could remain at this status for a long time, however indications are that Mt Agung could still erupt. We encourage you and your children to remain calm, get prepared and be mindful of the procedures outline below, in the event of an eruption.

This is update number 4 in a series on Mt Agung. If you have not read the previous updates, please do review them as they contain some practical information (particularly update number 3, scroll down to see a link).

School Procedures

Procedures for decision-making, communications and evacuation from School are all in place, in the event that we need to activate them. Although unlikely that the School would be immediately impacted by an eruption, we need to ensure that the children are safely and calmly organised and picked-up, in the event that an eruption occurs during school hours.

As students are collected, staff will also be gradually released. Our Senior Leadership Team, Ibu Leslie, Pak Wayan and Ibu Kate will remain until all children are collected.

For your information, the distance, ‘as the crow flies’ from Centre of Mt Agung is:

40.12km Green School

32.2km Ubud

52.86km Canggu

48.04 Sanur

Parent’s (your) Action Items

Please ensure that you note the following actions and respond as needed. Our combined efforts will minimise miscommunications and provide a calm process for picking-up your child.

  1. Most importantly, please ensure you have updated your emergency contact details. To do this, please email us (

  2. Keep your phone switched on and with you at all times and check sms and email regularly.

  3. If you have a driver, we invite you to ask your driver to remain on campus all day after drop off. There is a warung area in the car park where drivers socialise and remind them to keep their phones on.

  4. If you drop your child off yourself, please keep your phone on and come directly to school if you receive a message to collect your child.

  5. Parents are invited to stay on campus if you wish, particularly of younger children. We have space for parents to work from the Upstairs Warung and there are plenty of activities on campus.

  6. With regards to pick up procedures, parents are encouraged to clearly communicate the pick-up procedures to their drivers in the event that an evacuation should occur and all of us should follow traffic flow directions given by our security staff.

  7. BioBuses will transport children booked on the bus, as per the usual route.

  8. Any children not collected within an hour of the alert, will be moved to a house across the road from School (across from the Visitor Security Post) and may be picked-up from there.

  9. If you have car-pooling arrangements, please sms Ibu Novi on 0811-3809-298 and email your class/homeroom teacher to advise who your child will be traveling home with.

  10. Please put the School’s emergency contact numbers in your phone 0361 469875 or 0811-3809-298.

  11. Please take a moment to talk with your child about the pick-up procedures, including older children who might normally make their own transport arrangements.

Donations and Supporting The Evacuees (Kopernik)

Thanks to all of you who have donated items to ease the stress and discomfort of displaced people, who have had to leave their villages. Green School families and staff have been working hard to collect and sort donations. The most immediate and urgent need right now is for blankets, sleeping mats, pillows and warm children’s clothing. Other items soap, diapers and tarpaulins.

We will be posting key priority lists daily and the main drop off point is at the Bale between Green Warung and Farm Stand.

As always, parents are our partners when it comes to the Green School children and we want to say thank you for staying up-to-date via our emails and for supporting and encouraging your child to remain calm. Please ensure you have read your action items and attended to any points necessary.

Thank you, yours in safety.

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning Wayan Carma, Head of Learning Environment Kate Druhan, Chair, Green School Board of Management

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