Mount Agung Update 6 – October 31

Dear Green School Community,

We are very happy to provide this latest update, as a piece of good news. As yYou may have already heard that, Mount Agung’s status has been officially reduced to Level 3 {Alert} from Level 4 {High Alert} as of yesterday. Please refer to the overview of The National Disaster Agency of Indonesia (BNBP) scale to measure levels of threats for volcanoes. These levels indicate the following:

  1. Level 1: Normal

  2. Level 2: Alert

  3. Level 3: High Alert. This level recommends that people make preparations to evacuate if you are in the high risk areas (in this case 15km from the volcano in all directions) and make other preparations in general. People who live very close to the crater usually evacuate at this level.

  4. High Level — Level 4: Imminent. This level indicates evacuation out of the full range of the danger zones {15 km radius from the crater}. Note: moving to this level can still mean that an eruption is days, weeks or months away.

While we are now at Level 3, we encourage you to be cautiously optimistic that the status will lower yet again, but we encourageinvite you to keep evacuation procedures and processes in mind, should there be a future change in status. We will continue to monitor and provide updates as needed.

We are mindful that many people are still required to stay outside an evacuation zone and cannot yet return home. Our hearts go out to them and we will continue to provide support.

Yours in safety,

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning (Principal),

Wayan Carma, Head of Learning Environment &

Kate Druhan, Chair of the Board of Management

Previous Updates and References:

Ash Preparedness Guide (English)

Ash Preparedness Guide (Bahasa Indonesia)

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