Mount Agung Update – Sep 20

Dear Green School Community,

Our beautiful island home of Bali, forms a part of the geologically spectacular Pacific Ring of Fire. With incredibly deep ocean trenches, soaring mountain ranges, hydrothermal vents and volcanoes, it is a wonder of the natural world.

Recently, the activity of Mount Agung has been slowly rising and last evening the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has advised that the status of Mount Agung has just raised to alert Level 3 (siaga) following an increase in volcanic activity. This level does NOT indicate an imminent eruption.

The BNPB agency has advised to keep at least a 6 kilometre distance from the crater of Mount Agung (see map below). Local residents of the area and tourists in the vicinity of Mount Agung are asked to be vigilant.

The Green School Community is committed to the safety of all our community and will be providing updates as the Level has come to Level 3. Nevertheless, there is no indication that the school is exposed to any risk should there be a possible eruption.

Please see a map atached from the BNBP (National Disaster Mitigation Agency):


Green School, Ubud, Sanur, Canggu and Denpasar are all areas outside the radius of the potential flow. We recommend minimising travel in the vicinity of Mount Agung. The community should also prepare for the possibility of flight interruptions due to ash in the event of an eruption.

Please note that eruptive activity experiences a process that can be detected by experts and authorities, giving clear warning signals well in advance. There is no need to be alarmed.

We will be keeping you informed of the situation as we check in with the progress of Agung‘s status via the relevant authorities. We will also be conducting an additional risk assessment with regards to camps that are scheduled closer to, but not within the zone, of concern. We will be in contact with parents about any needed changes to a camp plan.

In the event that the level progresses further, the school will update the community as soon as possible.

Warmest Regards,

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning (Principal),

Wayan Carma, Head of Learning Environment &

Kate Druhan, Chair of the Board of Management

GS Phone: +62 361 469 875



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