Moving Parts Playground

Dear Early Years Families,

VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE: Moving Parts Play on the Mini-field next to Sangkep is only open when the space is teacher-supervised, and so will not be in use before or after school. Please ensure your children remember this if they are on campus outside of class hours – before 8:15 or after 3:15. This same message has been relayed to Primary School students and their parents. No-one should be using Moving Parts unless a supervising teacher is present.

Read on…The Mini-field is now a Moving Parts Play Space for Primary School students. Moving Parts Play is about providing materials – like stones, bamboo, piping, bricks and tryes – for children to use in limitless ways. There is a planned element of risk in Moving Parts Play. The Primary children have been taught how to use the space. For example, they know to test equipment – like balance beams that other children have made – before using it. They also know the limits of playing in the space, so they can have fun but stay safe. This is not the case for the Early Years children, who do not use the space during the school day.

Thank you for conveying the message to your children, when they are in your care before or after school, that the Moving Parts space is one that no-one should be using without a teacher present.

Primary School looks forward to welcoming your children to Moving Parts when they are in Grade 1! In the meantime, if you have further questions please do get in touch with the Play Space Team through


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