Mr. Driver’s Class – Sept 14-18

Setp 14th – 18th

Hello!  Another week is already done.  It was another good week, and I’m surprised at how fast time goes.  Time flies when having fun!  Last week, we had a lot of activity in all of our classes.

In thematic I introduced a new game on the last day.  The game pits self-interest against the interest of the group.  The students ended up all losing in the end, even though the basic structure of the game was that everyone wins if everyone agrees to the same decision.  We related the activity to getting along in the workplace and the recent stories of people quitting at Gravity Payments, the company where CEO Dan Price raised the minimum wage to $70,000.  Grade 8 couldn’t get along any better!

Last week was the math assessment on numeracy.  All students made forward progress as expected.  I also got to tell my story about Jerry, the first kid I ever helped learn something in math.  It was a great moment of achievement for Jerry, and one of the moments that made me want to be a teacher.  It made me happy to share the story with your students.  I also remembered to take a picture on the last class of Friday, barely reaching my goal of taking more pictures.  Now I just have to figure out how to post them to the blog!

Literacy got deep into the heart of the story.  The story includes a lengthy flashback of the rats’ struggle to escape from the laboratory and establish a community.  The story of the rats parallels human development and education, and we talked about how the rats went about making meaning, and how we as learners get to make our own meaning.

Next week in literacy, we will have a guest lesson about animal rights and animal testing.  Additionally, the content of the book begins to get more philosophical.  The leader of the rats explains why he thinks the competition for resources and money should be called the People Race, not the Rat Race.  He will explain ‘the plan’ that the rat community has to stop stealing from the farmer and live sustainably.  We will look into his plan and see if we can gain any personal meaning from what he says.

Math class kicks off a fractions unit.  I’ve heard that 5/4 of all students struggle with fractions 🙂 but we will straighten it all out and have a good unit of skill building.

Thematic continues to grade 7 on the topic of money and happiness this week.  We are half done with the thematic and I’m curious to see if students can put their theories of happiness in action.

That’s all I’ve got for the time being.  See you at Green School!

J. Driver


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