Mr. Driver Update Nov. 22

Another week has gone by and we are already to the end of November.  Time is going by quickly it seems.  They say that happens when you are having fun!  The Middle School has seen five weeks of thematic since the October holiday.  This week caps off the learning with the Banquet at Al Hambra Palace.  Middle school students will be in character to host visitors on Thursday.  Our visitors will get to see the art work of the time, hear stories and poems, play games, and taste the food from the historical age that we studied.  It will be a fun time for everyone.

From November 30th until December 11th, we are going to approach the necessary issue of Peace and how we can strive for it.  Then there will be a challenge week, where I will be challenging students on turning their artwork into educational materials and games for Primary, Middle School, and Kul Kul Connection.  Get ready for 2016.  Big plans are underway for an awesome thematic starting in January.  Stay tuned.

Middle School math has moved on from percentages and decimals to the concepts of ratios and rates.  We have dabbled with the strategy of ‘cross-multiply and divide’ and will continue to use it and other strategies to boost our numeracy skills.  Students will get some more hands-on time this coming week as we create some scale models of castles.  Last week we used the scale model of the heart of school to determine how tall I would be if I were a model-sized figurine inside the display case.

Please think about how to talk ‘numeracy’ with your students.  Ask them about percentages, taxes, and interest rates.  Ask them about sale prices and what that means.  Double-check and see if what we are talking about in class is sinking in!

That’s all I’ve got at the moment.  Have a nice day, and we’ll see you at Green School

J. Driver

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