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Hi MS Community

What an amazing week!!!!

Here are a few photos of the cool things that have been happening in our ‘classrooms’.

GS Middle School band “Extra Pedas” played a great set at Battle of the Bands

An Art class used bamboo craft “tempeh” as media to paint their artwork.

Students attended an (optional) music workshop with world-famous DJ’s Burudu Music

Grade 6 Thematics had a photo competition for a river beauty lesson activity – here is one of the entries:

The Community Murals Jalan-Jalan unit got creative – you can see (and probably have already) the finished product on a wall as you drive into school.

Students in Ibu Kileys Literacy class created Instagram posts for one of the characters in their Historical Fiction novels.  The goal was to draw an image and craft comments that would reveal who the main character was, an important event that happened in the novel, and their relationship with other characters. Some really creative pieces were generated from both 6b & 6c – here are two from Stella B and Noor!

Here are some of the photos from MS’s Wednesday activities at Sustainable Solutions:

We hope you had an awesome week – we definitely did in the MS.

Kind regards

from the MS TEAM.

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