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The first unit for this academic year will be NUMBER SKILLS. We will assess all students on Thursday 20th August and place students in groups with similar learning requirements. The Learning Outcomes that will be assessed in this unit are listed below:


Numbers up to 10 million

  1. Reading and writing numbers in numerals and in words

  2. Rounding off numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000

Four operations

  1. Addition and subtraction involving two 3-digit numbers without using calculators

  2. Multiplication and division by tens, hundreds and thousands without using calculators

  3. Multiplication and division of a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number without using calculators

  4. Solving word problems involving the 4 operations

  5. Estimation of answers in calculations

  6. Checking reasonableness of answers

Order of operations

  1. Combined operations involving the 4 operations

  2. Use of brackets

Mental calculation

  1. Addition and subtraction involving a 3-digit number and ones, tens or hundreds without using calculators

  2. Multiplication and division within the multiplication tables without using calculators

Factors and multiples

  1. Determining if a 1-digit number is a factor of a given number

  2. Listing all factors of a given number up to 100

  3. Finding the common factors of two given numbers

  4. Recognizing the relationship between Factors and Multiples

  5. Listing the first 12 multiples of a given 1-digit number

  6. Finding the common multiples of two given numbers up to 12

Numbers and the four operations (Secondary One)

  1. primes and prime factorisation

  2. finding HCF and LCM,

  3. squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots by prime factorisation

  4. negative numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers and their four operations

  5. representation and ordering of numbers on the number line

  6. use of the symbols <, >, =, ≠

  7. approximation and estimation (including rounding off numbers to a required number of decimal places or significant figures, estimating the results of computation, and concepts of rounding and truncation errors) .

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