MS Rockin’ On!

Hi MS Community

Here are a few of the cool things that happened in the MS recently.

The school blessing upacara brought us all together as only Bali can,

MS Obstacle Course Parkour Tag is back! The MS students are diving back into the Green School Open Play space to use their creativity and ingenuity to design challenging obstacle courses in the Block 1 PE class.

Grade 6 is getting involved in planning the next step for our school’s pico hydro system. Here they are engineering the plumbing. You can see full unit details on The Grade 6 Thematics class is also helping to build the school. While some kids are making really interesting maps about dams around the world, others are helping to create a water storage system near the eHub. Over the coming weeks we hope to have any Grade 6s who are interested engaged in this project.

In Pak Bill’s Maths class, students began our Math journals (Math Manuals) by completing the two statements “Mathematics is…” and “Mathematics is not…” with our own words (for me “Mathematics is beautiful” and “Mathematics is not creative”) and then proceeded to find an example for each of these statements and a counterexample. Pak Bill shared how The Wolf ( can help us find the value of numbers like e and π and the number which multiplies by itself to form -1 (which happens to be i). He then shared his example of an equation which was ‘not’ beautiful (solve 5x – 7 = 2(5 – x)) and one which was (eiπ + 1 = 0). As a class, students discussed that mathematics could often be both things (fun, interesting, boring, hard, easy) depending on how we played with it.We also worked on presentations in pairs answering the questions “what happened in Bali a million seconds ago? a billion seconds ago?”

In another cool maths class, we have been puzzling over very large numbers (among other things…). We calculated that a million seconds ago was a week and a half ago while a billion seconds was back in 1986! We discovered that Google Translate can speak very large numbers. (Did you know that a 1 with 40 zeros is ten duodecillion? Ask Google to say it for you!). On Friday, we headed up to the field to calculate the number of blades of grass on the field (we estimated between 40 and 80 million blades).

In Francis and Budi’s Maths classes, they had an activity called “When Math meets Music”. Students were learning multiplication through musical notifications. This activity was helped by Pak Duncan, the music teacher.

MS Literacy Student Support is engaging in English Ninja Warriors – each Monday, they spend 10 minutes focused and writing on a topic – with ‘obstacles’ that bring them more points (like using “for example” or a simile) – they have watched a Ninja Warrior clip and we discussed how the physical competition is a metaphor for writing and for life. Then we worked on their ‘interview’ and ‘interviewing’ skills as a part of their personal narrative.

The SOAP Stand-Up Paddle and Snorkeling Jalan-Jalan students are having lots of fun – not only are they learning a cool new sport and getting fit, but the students in this class get an amazing opportunity to take a close-up look at the underwater marine environment.

Learning how to ‘mould clay’ into our visualizations in Grade 8 Social Emotional class with special guest Ibu Emily.

Grade 6B Literacy participated in a “Small Moment” oral story telling activity as we dive into Writing Personal Narratives. The students first created Small Moment map drawings of their summer adventures and used this map to tell Small Moment stories to each other working to really zoom in on one event, in one place and time (from their map) and tell a whole story in detail.

The Jalan-Jalan class ‘Help’ have organized a movie night, a bake-sale and a car-wash – so far they have raised over Rp24 million (to be donated – through Kopernik – to Lombok relief efforts).

MS Rocks!

Have a great weekend

from the MS Team

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