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Hi MS Community

Here’s a few of the exciting things that have happened recently in the MS.

HS and MS Students attended the film screening and art/essay writing competition with Matt George (of Surftime magazine). The films were used as discussion starters and a source of inspiration for the art pieces and essays.

Students were making sate lilit and nasi yasa in their Bahasa Indonesia classes in order to understand the Galungan preparation process.

The Bike & Hike Jalan-Jalan class cycled 9km from Sangeh Monkey Forest back to GS campus. A few rice paddies spills and a lot of sweat made for a great ride!

The Jalan-Jalan skaters (at Blue Bear skatepark in Sayan, Ubud) worked on the Recycling centre, did some gardening, painted the nearby volleyball court, and did some skating:

Our MS students participated in the BSSA Athletics carnival. Some of the results included Joakim setting a new record for High Jump – and Hazel won the 50m:

We hope you’re having a great time – we definitely are in the MS!

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