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Our Block 2 units are well underway – and there’s so much happening in the MS. Here’s just a snippet of some of the cool things that happened in our classrooms this week.

Here’s some photos from the Dive Certificate Jalan-Jalan students in Block 1 (sorry – these photos missed the deadline for the previous blog).

Pak Francis and Pak Paul’s Maths class have been looking into real-world applications of decimals and percentages. How much does it cost to pay your rent? How much of your salary goes to the mayor? Do you work for someone else? Do you hire someone to help you? How much do you have left at the end of the week?

Last week, the Grade 6 Literacy students completed their Narrative Art pieces that visually illustrated “small moments” from their summers. Their art works are on display in the Bulan classroom in the Middle School Barn.

Wohooo!! This week we held our first Bio-Bus Class in Middle School! We made Bio Liquid Soap – the student’s first reaction was ” eeghhhhh, so disgusting”, when they filtered the glycerin. (they didn’t know that Glycerin looks like the waste in the sewer). But in the end, they were happy and grateful because they succeeded with the first trial.

The 6a students continue to learn about Dams in their Thematic – but students took a break this week to help with building of OROS ehub (the ‘e’ stands for education, energy, and of course… Earth!).

Thematics 7A and 7B have combined forces to participate in a ‘Hunter-Gatherer vs. Farmer’ Simulation to look at the importance of the environment in the livelihood of different societies and to understand the variety of differences between the two types of societies. The first week of block 2, students debated on the pros and cons of both societies and wrote a proposal to bid for which group they would represent during the simulation. This week students have been put into tribes and have started building model shelters, ‘hunting’ for food, and completing research assignments to gain energy points. Students are required to complete 3 intelligence activities throughout the simulation. They have a chance to build tools for their tribe, find medicinal plants, and to peacefully negotiate with other tribes and community build within their own tribe.

We have a group of MS students in Jalan-Jalan working with Bye Bye Plastic Bags and the River Boom Project. Last week this group teamed up with EcoBali to check out a River Boom made of inorganic waste to observe the pros and cons of having one to stop trash from entering the ocean. The students were guided by Pak Rodger who has a Ph.D. in Waste Management. After showing the river boom to the students and discussing ways to improve it, Pak Rodger led the students on a beach clean up. The trash collected was then taken to Eco Bali and the students sorted through 2 of the bags to create a physical pie chart of what type of trash was found on the beach that day. Students also found out about what types of plastics can be reused and recycled and what types are not recyclable. This week the students have broken into 4 focus groups: raise awareness and event planning, model building group, architecture and engineering group, and a research group.

8th grade Science students are now part of a forensics unit trying to solve scientific unknowns related to our case. Their first quest was to collect pollen grains from flowers and observe under microscopes to determine the location of the crime.

Our MS Kembali designers have been collecting plastic trash and old flip flops, smashing them, cutting them up, and preparing it all for a beautiful and creative piece to decorate the new iHub.

The Pottery Art class has started to make some cool things:

We hope you had an awesome week – we definitely did in the MS.

Kind regards

Pak Sal and the MS Team


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