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Hi MS Community

Here are just a few of the cool things that have happened in the MS classrooms this week.

Grade 7 Science learned about CELLS this week. We are observing plant structure such as Rhoeo discolor and Onion cells using microscope. We learned about parts of cells and their functions. We learned about Osmosis-transport material in and out the cell through selectively membrane. We did experiments with soaking potato cubes in Fresh water and Salt water and Fresh water.

Another visit to one of the vendors – MS Farmers Market Jalan-Jalan team visited Darma’s Kitchen, an authentic Indian restaurant in Perenenan.

Hazel (Gr 7) competed in another international Windsurfing competition last week – way to go, Hazel!

In the ‘Deadzone’ Jalan-Jalan unit students have learned a complex game and developed unique strategies in order to adapt to the weekly scenario challenges. Through the block, students have had to earn “currency” in the game by doing projects of their choice including drawings, creative writings, and making game-related memes. Deadzone is a sci-fi strategy boardgame set 1000 years from today. Corporations have become more powerful than nations and are causing havok as they spread through the universe. We had a lot of fun, but we also had a lot of learning. I encouraged students to learn and display sportsmanship and self-control whether winning or losing. And finally… there are alien space zombies!

MS PE: Snakes, Bamboo & Fire, Oh My! Last Friday Pak Ron – the GS snake expert made a special visit to teach students about snake safety and awareness as part of Leave No Trace Principle #7 Respect Wildlife. This week students practiced Part II of Leave No Trace Principle 6 – Minimize Camp Fire Impacts. After Pak Jade’s guest visit last week, the students implemented the process of making fire from bamboo, coconut husks, sticks and leaves.

In Grade 7 Thematics, during block 1 students have been focusing on SDG#2 – End Hunger. The students viewed a documentary called ‘Starfish Throwers’ during week 2 and were inspired to contribute to affecting change related to hunger issues here in Bali. In response to the film all grade 7 students have started a year-long Edible Garden project. The students have been knee deep in dirt, compost and water getting our garden beds ready for plant edible crops. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for developing progress on this project.

In the Jalan-Jalan Playwriting and Performance unit, students took a field trip to Bali Bohemia in Ubud to workshop their final plays:

The Grade 6 students have been working on a podcast for water quality solutions, and contaminants. It was recorded in our mobile outdoor studio, and will be produced by podcast master Pak Nic. Expect it in next week’s blog!

We hope you had a great week – we definitely did in the MS.

Kind regards

Pak Sal and the MS Team


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