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Dear MS Community Here are some of the cool things that happened in the MS this week (and last week).

7th grade science is making models of the layers of the earth from items they find in Kembali this week and presenting their models while describing what each layer is made of and how the earth’s magnetic field is generated.

From Simon (Gr 7): “In literacy class we read the Grimm Folklore. We read Hansel and Gretel and Snowhite. We had a debate in court (fake court) about who was guilty or innocent in the stories.”

The Jalan-Jalan group that have been creating our next GS Colouring Book have finished putting it together. The book will be given to the GS Shop (who will print it) – it should be available for sale in the near future. Here is a sample picture of some of the cool art included.

Pop Up Shop – the Middle School Cafe sold out all food made by students – it was a very successful end for an enterprise class.

In our last Mandala class, we made 8 mandalas in total, mostly in the MS Barn.

This week LEAP Jr academy was launched for the middle school learning neighbourhood. 12 students from 6th and 7th grade joined together with Pak Noan, Ibu Kiley, Ibu Jaclyn, and Ibu Charlotte for their first group meeting to discuss what the coming 6 weeks would look like, and the different roles they might play.

Day 2 of Leap Jr. Academy: Kidnapped and Problem Solving in the Sawah –

13 Leap Jr students and 2 Leap Jr Mentors adventure into the jungle and stumble upon Bali’s largest waterfall… what happens next??

Ogoh-ogoh making, it’s almost done 🙂

In 7th grade Science classes, students made fossils using a mold and cast method.

Students in our Maths classes started documenting their learning on SeeSaw (digital scrapbook/portfolio) –

Yeah … GO MS!!!!!

We hope you had a great week – we definitely did in the MS.

Kind regards

The MS Team

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