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Hi Team!

Welcome to another MS Weekly Blog – I hope you enjoy reading about our cool learning program.

Students in our Green Studies PE elective have been heading out on nature walks with their cameras in hand to practice Macrophotography. They are using their lenses to focus on the tiny, yet beautiful details of nature that we rarely stop to appreciate.

Some MS students have started the next edition of a Mindfulness Coloring book in a Jalan-Jalan unit – this time with the theme of Green School Architecture. Here is the start of another MS masterpiece.

Ibu Audrey has been so excited to see students building their strength and coordination as the weeks go by in the Dirt Fit class. On Thursday, the class performed tyre-deadlifts and the farmer carry, and then finished with some cartwheel and handstand practice. Grueling but fun!

One of the MS Maths classes, studying Geometry, are using ‘Robo-tronics’ as a way of  learning how to visualize common and complex angles. Students worked in pairs, one representing a remote and the other a robot. From a list of co-ordinates that the class created, students operated their robots by instruction to produce angular movements from everyday tasks to dance moves.

Pak Driver’s FLOW group in Jalan-Jalan are answering the question: What could happen if you set aside a block of time and told students to pick a project and just go with it?  Turns out, quite a lot!  This block, the Flow class has 21 students working hard on self-selected tasks.  Is it really “working” when it’s your choice?  Maybe it feels more like fun and joy in learning than work. We have entrepreneurial projects that will soon be at a Farmer’s Market near you. We have dedicated 8th graders putting time and creativity into their Quest projects – expect awesome work in June when they get to show off what they’ve done. We have students exploring new offline hobbies. We have story writers and photographers. We have musicians and song writers.

The Grade 7A Thematic class spent time this week looking at different ecosystems and biomes. The students also prepared lessons on different biogeochemical cycles and then visited the Grade 5B class and taught their lessons.

The 7B group worked together as a team to finish preparing our Edible Garden for planting in Thematics this week.  Over two lessons, the 12 students in the class worked tirelessly to remove weeds, till the soil, plant seeds and seedlings and cover the bed with compost and mulch.  Ibu Kiley has been so impressed with each student and their awesome dedication to growing a delicious and beautiful garden.

In Thematics this week, Grade 6B had a chance to create their own river animals, learning about the various adaptations and characteristics river animals may have. Amazingly, many of the wild and imaginative ideas our kids thought of really do exist in nature!

The 6A group spent much of their Thematic time down by the Ayung River building riverside settlements that explicitly show their understanding of SDG11 – and having fun! The compass model was used in planning settlements with features that showed their understanding of settlements, dwellings, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, trade and transport, and leisure.

SPECIAL MENTION: CONGRATULATIONS HAZEL!!! Over the past weeks, Grade 7 Hazel has been away from school competing in two windsurfing competitions. The first was in Singapore (the South East Asia championships) where he gained 3rd place in the Under 16 competition (Hazel was the youngest from 8 participants). The second competition was in Thailand (Thailand Windsurfing Championship Open) – he was placed 10th from 16 participants. Way to go, Hazel!!! You rock!!!

We hope you had an excellent week – the Middle School definitely did.

Kind regards

Pak Sal and the MS Team

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