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Our second last week of the Semester was full of fun times, challenging moments and life-long learning. Here’s a summary of some of the exciting things that have happened in the MS this week.

In the Mars Bound Game Thematic, students have been working collaboratively and thinking creatively on how they would ‘re-design’ society (given the hypothetical ‘blank canvas’ of moving civilization to Mars). A major part of this Thematic is the ‘daily quiz’ – this assesses for student learning regarding Space, the Solar System and the Planets. Students receive resources for their achievements in these quizzes – from these resources, student-groups decide on how to develop their societies. The photo below is an example of how one group has decided to develop:

You may need to zoom to see the details – however, it worth noting that these students have added a Water Processing plant, a Community Garden and an Aerology Laboratory.

The MS Maths Extension class has been actively working towards completing their presentations on a chosen Green Technology. Students have been asked to look at sustainable solution idea from a mathematical perspective. Here are two photos of students starting their visual presentation:

The Arts Electives units had their last lessons this week. These two images are of students from Pak Jason’s Screen-printing unit:

Our ‘Green School Mindfulness Nature Colouring Book’ came back from the printers – it is now available to buy from the GS Shop. Here’s an image of the front cover (designed by Pak Pras) and another image of a page that was a collaborative effort:

In Pak Baptiste’s ‘Mad Science – Electricity’ unit, students have been using Arduino,  different sensors for light, humidity and temperature to build systems that can measure weather conditions.

In Pak Noan’s ‘Green Studies – Urban Design’ unit, students this week completed their designs for their perfect cities:

In Ibu Ida’s ‘Mandala Art’ unit, students continued to get mindful, think symmetrically, be creative – and paint more beautiful mandalas on our MS classroom floors.

In MS Literacy, on Thursday, Ibu Nicola created a space for Grade 6 and Grade 8 students to work together to dramatize their understandings of the differences in responses of a mindful and non-mindful brain in various situations.

The MS PE students who were learning Hoop Dancing with Ibu Ida performed in the HOS on Thursday at the lunchtime ‘open mic’.

I hope you are enjoying the MS Weekly Blogs. Have a great weekend (remember no school on Monday).

Kind regards

Pak Sal and the MS Team


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