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Hi MS Community

Here’s a snapshot of some of the cool things that happened in the MS classroom.

This week our ‘Rise to Surf’ students were making rock socks, homemade zinc and throwing-toys out of trash we collected from the beach with a little help from our local friends and experts! Who says surfers can’t be part of the solution to ocean pollution?

The Jewelry Making Jalan-Jalan students had a lot of creative fun doing their workshop in Kerobokan.

Grade 8 Literacy are reading the novel, The Bone Sparrow, and developing their essay writing skills.

Oh, Rats!! 6th Grade Literacy students in Ibu Kiley’s class have been engaged in a lot of heavy rat reading the past week. In this persuasive argument unit, students are collecting information & evidence about rats, to utilize in a debate and persuasive writing piece about exterminating rats once and for all. Here, a group of students annotate the “Oh, Rats” book looking for Pro and Con Evidence for their arguments.

The 7th grade Thematics classes spent Thursday afternoon preparing for their first day at the Farmers Market Friday! Students have been working on a year-long edible garden project with the hopes of having some money to donate at the end of the school year to The East Bali Poverty Project as part of their goal to help those in need and hungry here in Bali. Come out to the farmers market Friday to buy some of their own organic Salsa for your Friday night festivities!

We hope you had an awesome week – we definitely did in the MS.

From the MS Team


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