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Hi MS Community

Another week of awesome learning opportunities has flown by. Here are just a few of the cool things that happened in our MS classrooms this week.

In Grade 7 Science, students have been learning about density – they have learned two different methods to calculate the density of an object.

Students in Green Studies have begun creating the official Middle School garden. They have planned for an attractive permaculture design, and are enjoying creating the garden beds and playing with the worms.

Last week, students in the Ogoh-Ogoh construction unit built the frame and designed the MS Ogoh-Ogoh t-shirt.

One of the Bahasa Indo classes spent time with Pak Aris learning how to play the traditional musical instrument, Angklung.

The Riverboom Jalan-Jalan team worked with Bye Bye Plastic Bags, EcoBali, and local high school students from the Cemagi village to test out their new Riverboom models. The GS students used a weaving technique to have empty water bottles on top of the net to make the Riverboom float and at the bottom they put water bottles filled with rocks, sand, and holes to allow water to fill the bottles and sink the net. This model was successful! The GS students gifted the Riverboom model to the Cemagi students and we hope to collaborate with them for the rest of the block.

The Rise to Surf Jalan-Jalan students have been designing, sketching and creating prototypes of handplanes for body surfing.

One of our Art classes is designing and painting cool stuff on our MS walls and floors – check this out

We hope you had a great week – we definitely did in the MS.

… from the MS TEAM


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