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Hi MS Community

Here are some of the cool things that happened in MS last week.

Last Saturday a large group of MS students represented the school at the Bali International Maths. Big thanks to Ibu Dian for all her hard work organizing this.

Grade 6 Thematics classes spent time down by the river building their own dams.

This Monday, the MS Soap Making class tried to carve soaps into beautiful designs! They are not quite finished yet, but soon you guys will see our soaps at the farmers market!

Some students took a field trip to the Bali Bird Park for the Animal Care Jalan Jalan unit.

The 7th-grade thematics class visited The New Earth Cooking School this week to bring their block 2 – SDG #15 unit to an end. Chef Master Simon, shared some of his philosophies around sustainable farming and foraging and indulging in a healthy eating lifestyle. The students worked together to make fettucini and gnocchi from scratch, as well as salads and sauces. Students also went out foraging with Chef’s Simon’s partner Pak Justin in the surrounding food forests that they planted, grew and continue to maintain. The students also took a mindful moment in the day in a nearby garden with Simon and the local people he is working with to build a more sustainable community for all.

Middle School JalanJalan Pojok Baca had the opportunity to visit a local primary school (SDN 1 Sibangkaja) on their last day of the unit. They were reading books to students at that school, performing a puppet-show from Children’s book story, playing games, and singing a song together. At the end of the meeting, students gave a few books to the school so that the students will be able to read books more regularly.

Amazing work by Emma, Sachi and Matilda’s enterprising bake sale as part of the percentage, decimal and fractions maths class. The girls sold out and raised a motza for animals in distress.

We hope you had an awesome week – we definitely did in the MS.

Peace and Love, from the MS Team


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