Mud Pit, Green Camp, Quest and Greenstone presentations… all the things… Cherishing the

It has been a full and fun week and a memorable and meaningful way to round out and wrap up the last full week of school for this year.

Having these kids in circle every morning, working with them everyday, singing with them, playing and exploring with them, learning from them, has been such a rewarding and lovingly rich experience that we teachers wouldn’t trade for anything else.  These kids humble us, they challenge us, they brighten up our days and give us so much laughter and joy it is going to be very difficult to say goodbye next week (though it isn’t really a goodbye, ya?).    These adventures in Kindy Buaya have created lasting memories and have sown the seeds of mindfulness and the values of Green School that we all hold dear.  The kids are ready for grade 1.  Like parents sending their kids off to college, we teachers will have that bittersweet feeling going into the holiday.  Knowing all the learning adventures that lay ahead for these little ones is so exciting.

Here is what we did this week:

Gratitude breakfast was such a sweet treat.  Thank you to all of you for making us feel loved and appreciated.  Let’s do that again!

Cooking class was also fun as the students got to make “nastar” a pineapple jam filled little donut hole which we all loved.

In P.E. class we practiced for the field day on Monday and also rehearsed our songs for Graduation (don’t miss it!).

Quest presentations from the middle school were also part of the day on Monday and on Tuesday the kiddos got to hear from a couple of the seniors on their Greenstones.

Seeing the joy in their faces while playing in the mud and the wonder and excitement at the activities of Green Camp reminds us about why we do what we do here.

Just a little run down of all the things that we did at Green Camp today:

We had the coconut hunt and then tree climbing (with a harness).  Clay and natural painting were a highlight for the kids and even the yoga we did at the end was so much fun for them that I think they want to go back.

Don’t forget to pack shoes and a change of clothes for Monday as we are going to be doing the P.E. field day.

Wednesday is Graduation and I think that I am surely sounding like a broken record, my apologies.

So glad to know all of you and to be able to share in these moments with the children.


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