Mystery Guests

Dear Parents,

Greetings. This week was a four day school week and we filled those days with fun and play. The Starlings had a week with many special visitors to our class which is a crucial part of our experiential learning. One of the highlights was Wednesday afternoon when our Book Buddies from Grade 4A surprised the students with a visit. Our older friends each created their own books with illustrations and unique characters and they wanted to come and share their books with the Starlings. Each fourth grader paired up with a Starling and read their books as well as books from our own library. Finally, the children were able to show their Book Buddy their favourite toy or game to play with. Thank you Ibu Cindy and Grade 4A! We will see you soon for another visit.

One of very own students impressed us with her amazing violin skills on Wednesday morning as our Mystery Guest. Jenna has been taking violin lessons since January and already plays many songs. Her classmates were captivated with her musical showcase. We are very proud of Jenna for having the courage to perform in front of all of her classmates and teachers. Thank you Jenna and family!

On Friday, Ibu Leslie came to help us with our thematic lesson by sharing “Letter Magic” with us. She brought a few different shapes that she created with her daughter and showed us how all of the letters can be formed by using just those shapes. The children were fascinated! Ibu Leslie also read 2 books. Many thanks to Ibu Leslie for joining our Mystery Guest program.

Two High School students came to visit us during Playground Time and for P.E. Class. It was a week filled with amazing visitors and making new friends.

In Yoga Class, the students were challenged with a special yoga obstacle course. We practised various yoga postures along with balancing on wooden blocks, crawling through tunnels, hula hooping and throwing a ball into a basket to refine our gross motor skills.

This week, we celebrated Ibu Pegy’s birthday. The students baked an apple pie and sang “Happy Birthday” in a wide variety of languages. We love you Ibu Pegy!

In Music Class with Pak Brett, we are practising for a performance in the Assembly. The date will be announced once it is confirmed with the Assembly coordinators. Next month will also be our Early Years Indonesian Assembly.

School will be closed on Monday, May 1st, in observance of the Indonesian national holiday of Labor Day. Please enjoy your extended weekend and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday. Thank you for your attention and continued support.

Warm wishes,

Starlings Team

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