Mythological Creature Art-Book

It’s been a lovely re-entry into art class for fourth graders, especially after such a phenomenal end to first term!  While no longer completely an underwater scene, the art space has retained some of the magic from the fourth grade ocean plays and projects.  Most notably, Disco Dolphin hangs prominently from our bamboo ceiling, and and the fish silhouettes still swim up above.

Before fourth graders launched into the large-scale fish transformation in December, they were working on illustrations for a book entitled “Fourth Grade Myths and Legends”.  Students designed winged creatures in art class and developed legends about these characters in literacy class. While we are going back a few months here, great things take time and I am excited to announce that the e-book is complete!  A huge thank you to Daniel in the Project Hub for assisting with the tech part of this project 🙂 All fourth grade students from term one have a story in this book.

Please enjoy!

4th grade PS GS

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