Nalu Jalan Jalan team in Kintamani

Our Nalu Jalan Jalan team was so excited to participate in a giving trip in Kintamani Bali last Wednesday. Our Green School students met community members of a small Kintamani banjar, where they gave one hundred school uniforms to young children about to start their first year of school. These uniforms were provided by Nalu’s “Get to Give” social enterprise.

It was a special experience having the opportunity to positively impact the lives of these children, and promote how important education is. Our Green School students did very well as role models for the day, preparing these children for education with words of wisdom and of course, their school uniform. Without these school uniforms, some of these children would not be able to enrol in their local school. Our Green School students each chose one word to describe their giving experience… grateful, thankful, happy, community, culture, inspiring, energizing, and the list goes on.

Thank you Nalu for the opportunity to give, and thank you Bio Bus for getting us there!!

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