New break time play areas for Grade 1 beginning after the October break

Hello Grade 1 families,

In order to help Grade 1 students settle into their new Primary environment and surroundings, students have only been allowed to play on the Mini-field or go to the Art room (lunch break time only) during play time so far this year. Beginning after October break, students will now be given full access to all safe and supervised play areas on campus during breaks. This means students can now also play: around the Heart of School, around the crystal (but no further away from it), on the big field, in the gym as well as visit the Library (lunch break time only). All of these areas are supervised by teachers and we will discuss the perimeters of these new areas with them as well as have a conversation around the safety precautions before allowing them access. We know they will be thrilled about this decision but we also ask that you stress the importance of safety in play at home. Please also remind them they should be able to see an adult on duty during play and if they can’t they need to move closer to the supervised areas. We thank you for your cooperation in helping to ensure all students are safe at school. Take care,

The Grade 1 Team

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