NEW Home Learning Suggestions

The students have been working hard practicing their multiplication tables, with a specific focus on the 6, 7, 8, and 9 tables. Time has also been spent integrating all the tables together, like when we play Multiplication Top-It. Ask your child how to play. All you need is a deck of cards! As we have explained to the students, at this point, most have a strong conceptual understanding of what multiplication and division entail, and now it is just a matter of memorization. The students have made fact family flash cards that we will give you at Friday’s Student Led-Conference. Please help your child set aside a few minutes each day to practice his/her facts. This is a great activity to do while in the car! If you are keen to spice things up a bit and willing for a little screen time, below you will find some iPad apps and websites for practicing multiplication and division. These come highly recommended by the math specialist at my former school in London. Thanks in advance for your support at home with this!

Bunny Times (Web; free) An array-based game that helps students develop strategies for thinking about and solving multiplication problems.

Bojagi (Web; free) An array-based puzzle game that focuses on visual representations and factoring numbers.

Mt. Multiplis (iOS; 2.29) An app for multiplication fact strategies, with a focus on using x2 and x5 to build other facts.

Math Tappers: Multiples (iOS; 0.79)

Multiply Bingo (iOS; free) a digital version of The Product Game.

Lumio Farm Factor and Liama Drama (iOS; free with in-app purchases) These two apps introduce multiplication and division using concrete objects and models.

In Bahasa class, the students learned all about time, aligned with our last thematic “I Rule.” Here are some words that you can bring into your home to practice Bahasa.

menit (minute)                                               jam (hour)                                            hari (day)

minggu (week)                                              bulan (month)                                     tahun (year)

kemarin (yesterday)                                    hari ini (today)                                    besok (tomorrow)

tahun lalu (last year)                                  tahun depan (next year)

hari ini adalah hari Selasa (today is Tuesday)

besok adalah hari Rabu (tomorrow is Wednesday)

See you Friday!

Yulie and Jenny


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