New Online Secondhand Book Store by KemBali Thrift Shop

Good news! KemBali Thrift Shop opened an online store to sell secondhand import book this week. The books are still in good condition with cheap price, only around 30K to 50K. Tell your families and friends who living outside Bali about this! There are many books that you will love. For every book sold means that you are contributing to save nature and forests as well as the living creatures. Check the IG: @kembali.thriftshop

And for all Green School community, we will always remind you that you can read our books in KemBali Bookshelf (upstair Green Warung). You are freely to read the books on the spot or bring home if you want to. Please give the sincere donation, your donation are very meaningful to us. We will use the donation to run our ‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ program this week. We are very pleased that many of you are interested in our book.

Don’t forget to share for greater impact!

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