Ninth Week of Term 4

Dear Parents,

Greetings! It might be the shortest school week of the year with only two school days! On Monday morning, the Starlings went to visit our neighbors, the friendly hens. Many students had a chance to snuggle the chickens and were very gentle with the animals. When we visited the rabbits, it was a big surprise to find six newborn bunnies. They were so young that their eyes were not even open yet. It was absolutely amazing and definitely a highlight of our week.

This morning, the Starlings worked with paper mache to create the planet of their choice or the sun or a moon. We used recycled paper and ripped the paper into tiny pieces. The children were excited to use balloons as the base and before turning the balloon into a planet, we had some fun playing catch with each other. After it dries, we will paint them.

In Green Studies Class, the Starlings went for a walk around campus to explore the plants and animals and to check the growth of the seedlings we planted recently.

In preparation of the Galungan celebration, the students created their own “penjor” using materials that they gathered from nature, such as flowers, sticks and stones. In Budaya Class, the children acted out the dramatic story of Galungan, which is about the victory of good over evil.

Our final Early Years Potluck Breakfast will be Monday, June 4, from 8:15-9:30 in Kindy A playground area. Please bring something to share. We hope to see you there! The Starlings will perform in the Assembly next Friday, June 8, at 2:30 pm in the Sangkep. We are performing 1 song. Have a wonderful long weekend and we will see you next week! Thank you.

Best wishes,

Ibu Krisna, Ibu Komang and Ibu Russlee

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