No Lice Treatment on Campus

Life in the jungle brings many joys as well as challenges and most of us have been up close and personal with head lice at some point on this campus. Recognizing that our current practice is not helping us to mitigate the spread of lice, we are going to institute a change in policy for these last two weeks of school before break and continuing as the next semester begins in January.

We will no longer be treating lice on campus, but will focus our efforts on screening. Our intention is to identify all of the students with lice, notify their parents and give suggestions for treating at home.

Our first aid station is consistently filled with students getting lice treatment and too often sees students sitting and waiting for their turn. We believe we can do a better job of controlling the spread if we focus on the screening and enlisting the help of parents at home.

We will monitor this policy in the first few months of the the next semester and continue to work on ways that we can all work on controlling the spread of lice together.

Many thanks, GS Team


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