No school next Tuesday (Labor Day), New Rabbits, Dry season garden beds started and other news

Hello Kindy B families,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying hydrated as the dry season has now come.   It has been a great week in the Kindy B neighborhood and there is a lot to report as always.  Our Cilantro (Ketumbar) and Basil seeds have started growing and are now in our garden beds in front of the class.  We have to stay diligent to keep them hydrated as well.  We are practicing our songs and performances for the Early Years Indonesian Assembly and are also hoping to get a chance to perform at the assembly for all the Green School community (a song we have been working on which we hope you will enjoy).

A special picture below shows Ibu Ria sitting in line with the girls discussing friendship and inclusiveness in a story while each one drew with their finger on the other’s back.  It was a special moment as we are all working really hard on remembering to be inclusive and gentle with our friends’ and their feelings as well in class and during play time.

Wednesday started in an exciting way and we discovered two full-grown rabbits having breakfast in our garden.  It was super fun to watch pak Brett and pak Wayan Bono chase them.  They were given a new home with our other rabbits next to grade 3.

As normal towards the end of the year, Kindy is making more intentional visits to Grade one and other primary activities to get more familiar with what happens on that side.  The graduation is going to be super sweet and we are all really looking forward to that as well.

Those dates again:

Indoneisan Assembly will be on MAY 23rd.  This is a very special time of year for the parents to join and for the students to show off their hard work.  The teachers and assistants put a lot of time and effort into this as well

KINDY GRADUATION (probably the cutest event at GS): JUNE 13th.

Thematic : Author and Illustrator/Animator Miyazaki Hayao (Japan) Storyboard, Manga and Anime

We are making our own flip books to show our animation ideas.

Literacy: learning tricky words have and like and two letters one sound /zz/

Math:  3 is a Magic Number study (cont.), addition practice, counting higher…

Music class: Working on our songs for performances, freeze dance with percussion and “my turn your turn” beat matching.

Green Studies: We have been transplanting our seedlings into the garden bed and learning about soil and evaporation in the process

Bahasa Indonesia : introducing the dance from Papua as we are going to perform it on Indonesian Assembly PE :kicking balls, playing badminton, throwing bean bag

Thank you everyone for raising such amazing little people.

See you soon,

Ria, Brett, Yulia and Pandan

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