Noan’s Mentor Group and Get Ready for Green Studies!

This past week I had a chance to spend much time with my Mentor Group. It was amazing to experience a small group of students, and witness the instant facilitation that made to dialogue between my students. Irrespective of age or interests, having a group of 10 students led to greater listening and ease of conversation. I am really excited to see how these 10 youngsters will help each other through the semester, and am keen on being there for them when they need it.

As for next week, we get a start on some neat Green Studies projects, as well as begin our Jalan2. I will lead a group of students in creating some new bling for the 3rd grade building, a project that will involve our students working with their clients, the Grade 3s. If you want to read more about this, I have posted it to the hive (guest logins welcome). Jaclyn will also be taking a group of MS students to work on the Middle School gardens. As for Jalan2, let’s just say I am super excited to get the Scuba Divers out in the pool initially, then in the seas to welcome them to a world which has provided continuous fascination for me… the Coral Reef. If you want your younguns brushed up on Coral Reef knowledge, I created an open access reader (with vids and pics) about Corals here by the way…

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