Noan’s Past Week

So here is the list:

Overflow Game – Arts Elective:

The past week has seen great developments in our game. We finally got to sit down and play rounds of it, and have a rough idea of the cost to create each unit (thanks kids for doing the calculations!). My favorite bit was seeing kids who probably had never played a strategy board game before sit down, get the idea of how it may work, and find ways to game the system. Right on! We also have a nice rulebook coming along…

Utopia-Dystopia – Thematics:

It was a bit slower week, as the dynamism that held the game’s interest in the past couple weeks is waning. However, there have been some really neat revelations. In creating great ventures, which are essentially government driven infrastructure projects, the students inadvertently looked to close the loop on many of our resources. They wanted to turn waste to energy, energy to food, and figure out ways so that all our resources could be linked. Kind of neat that the adolescent brain sees this as a need, yet adult run governments have yet to get this straight.

Frisbee Terbaik – Jalan Jalan:

It was a slow day largely because the Indonesian schools were on Holiday. We did try to work on the tournament poster, and building this out. However, I am not the most organized person and the kids are not the greatest at this. So… we have not come so far. On the bright side, I got to sit down and do some HTML coding with a couple kids in an effort to make the site. They asked great questions and got their first exposure to what the backbone of the web looks like.

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