Noan’s Week at a Glance

Well, here is the latest from Noan’s courses at Green School:

  1. Green Studies – Green Building and Design: We are a week into building a toolbox for a “toy” which allows kids to construct neat structures, not unlike lego. Names have been thrown around, including “Stickerilos”, “Bambego”, and “Bambuat”. We plan on seeing how easy it is to construct the kit, and then sharing instructions on making this low cost kit with schools around the world. The idea is to promote design principles and spatial awareness.

  2. Jalan Jalan – Intro to Architecture: We are off to a great start, with many of the kids diving right into the CAD side of things. This week, we have a great chance to witness cutting edge technology from Autodesk, and will also be looking at how we can use their toolbox to further our design ideation.

  3. High School – A Bug’s Life: The first week of this course was wonderful, with lots of great insight into what bugs are and how important a role they play in our ecology. The students want to build two things in addition to our Bug database… an Ant Farm and some killing jars to preserve bug specimens.

Yup, things are looking pretty good! Thanks to student input, I am also starting to work on a special unit for the new semester, where we will incorporate many of the great ideas in our land management unit from last semester and create another truly unique and amazing Green School Thematic.


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